Don't Be Too Surprised Styles .

"Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action."


5. f i v e

               Harry's Pov;

      I heard a knock in my sleep and a voice that was too distant to hear. I shrugged it off and let sleep take over me once again. The knocks got louder and I groaned. 

      "Juliana, Harry." I heard the voice from the door knocking. 

     I shot up from the floor quickly. "Amelia." I whispered. 

  I quickly got in bed with Juliana making her wake up. 

    "What the hell do you thi-" , "Amelia is at the door." I cut her off.

     She looked at me wide eyed and pulled the covers over both our bodies.

   "Harry? Juliana?" Amelia's voice rang through the halls. 

       "One minute." I said 

    "Uhm place your head on my chest." I insisted. 

  Juliana looked at me wide eyed, "What no." She whispered. 

     "Just do it." I said

   She looked at me unsure and placed her head on my chest. 

     "Don't say shit cause I will smack you." I said

   I wrapped my arms around he and she groaned lightly making me smirk. 

      "Come in Amelia." Juliana said.

   Amelia walked in fully dressed in a burgundy skirt and and white shirt tucked inside along with her combat boots.

    "Uhm sorry that im waking you guys at 5, but uhm I made pancakes for us and I figured I'd wake you guys up so you can get ready for school." Amelia said playing with her fingers.

     Juliana quickly shot up from bed, "Pancakes!? Your the best!" She yelled hugging her from the side and running out the room. 

      I chuckled and stood up. "Thank you Amelia." I said walking downstairs with her behind me. When I got into the kitchen Juliana was already seated eating her pancakes , along with her bacon and orange juice. 

     "Juliana. Is it really necessary to get 5 pancakes instead of 1?" I questioned her.

  She looked at me with a mouthful of pancakes and shot me a glare. 

     Amelia giggled and sat down across from Juliana. I guess im supposed to sit next to Juliana. 

      I sat down beside her and began eating. "Mmm this is really good Amelia." I said while biting into my pancake. 

       "Thank you." She said smiling. I looked over at Juliana and she had already finished her pancakes and was eating her last bacon strip. 

    I looked at her shocked, "How could all that fit into your tiny body!?" I exclaimed looking at her. 

      She shrugged and chugged her orange juice. She stood up and placed her dishes in the sink and opened the fridge. 

      I continued eating watching what Juliana was doing. She took out yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and a peach. She opened one of the cabinets and reached on her tippy toes Im guessing to try and reach the oats. 

     I chuckled and sipped my juice looking at her in amusement. 

   "You know, instead of sitting there watching me you can help me?" She asked with her back to me.

    I felt myself turn read , "How did she know I was looking at her.?" I asked myself.

      I stood up and walked over to her and brought down the oats. "Your welcome."

       "Thanks" ,  she replied. 

 "Finished?" I asked Amelia. 

    She nodded her head and I picked up mines and her's plates and placed them in the sink.

        "What are you making?" I asked Juliana resting my elbows on the counter.

     "Every Friday's I make Ashton yogurt with fruits and oats." Juliana said.

  "Why?" I asked her. 

     She washed the peach and started cutting it. "Its something we've been doing since we first met. I bring him his yogurt with fruits and oats and he brings me chocolate banana oats cookies." She said smiling.

    "He bakes them or what?" I asked her.

     She nodded her head. "Bakes, but he probably won't make them today since yanno." She said grabbing a container and pouring yogurt along with the fruits and oats and mixed everything together. 

     "I back myself too. I have things at my house. I'll call and let him in the kitchen to make them." I said looking at her. 

      Juliana raised her eyebrow, "Are you sure?" She asked putting the lid on the container and placing it in the fridge. 

     "Yea." I said pulling out my phone and ringing one of the guards and they answered right away. 

     "Yes sir?" My guard Steven answered. 

       "Let Ashton into my kitchen to bake some cookies." I said 

     "Will do Sir." Steven said.

    "Alright bye." I responded and hung up. 

        "There." I said looking at Juliana 

   "Thanks." She mumbled. "Ima go change." She added

     "Me too . Thanks Amelia." I said walking up the stairs behind Juliana. 

  She walked into her room and looked at her closet unsure of what to wear. 

    "You already know where Ash clothes are so knock yourself out. Im gunna start doing my makeup." Juliana said walking into the bathroom. 

     I looked at the closet and digged through the clothes. I pulled out black skinny jeans, and a black shirt with a black leather jacket. 

      I quickly changed into them and slipped on my dirty converse. 

  I knocked on the bathroom door and I heard Juliana's voice. "Come in." 

    "I need a toothbrush." I said opening the door. 

     "In this cabinet." She replied.

  "Toothpaste should be down there as well." She said brushing her teeth. 

  I grabbed the toothpaste and toothbrush and began brushing my teeth. I looked over at Juliana and she was applying her foundation. 

    "Why do you girls wear that?" I questioned

  "Idk some girls feel pretty in it. Others like how it covers imperfections." She explained. 

     I nodded my head, "But it's like your caking your face with chemicals. Its disgusting." I said

  "It's disgusting if girls dont blend it away correctly and dont apply too much. Like I keep it natural." She said

    I finished brushing my teeth and I sat on the counter watching her apply the rest of the makeup. 

     "What's that?" I asked her pointing at the black bottle in her hands. She unscrewed the top.

     "Eye liner." She said and brushed a thin line on her eye lid and making a wing. 

 "What time is it?" She asked me applying something brown on her cheek bones making it stand out more. 

    "Erm 6:57" I said checking my watch. She groaned. 

     "I dont have time, uhm go to my closet and choose an outfit for me. It better not be girly." She said looking me dead in the eye.

   "Okay?" I asked her.

   I walked out and looked at her closet. "Jesus, Juliana you have too much clothes." I said

   I heard her chuckle. "Just hurry up would ya?" She said

      I grabbed some random clothes making sure it matched. I went back to the restroom in time as she finished the rest of her makeup. 

    "Here." I said placing them on the counter. 

  "Okay out you go now." She shooed me out the bathroom and locked it. 


              Juliana's Pov;

    I looked at the clothes Harry brought me. "Not bad." I whispered to myself and I got undressed and put on the clothes. 

     It was some navy blue high waisted jeans, a plain white shirt and my white high top converse. 



        I walked out the bathroom. "I like your sense of style." I said looking at my outfit. 

     "Thank you." He said revealing his dimples. 

  "Lets roll." I said putting on my jansport and walking out my room.

    "C'mon Amelia." I said to her. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the yogurt from the fridge and walked back to the livingroom. 

     "Who's car?" Harry asked me.

  "Mines, unless you want yours to get stolen at school." I chuckled

    I grabbed my keys and we walked out the door. 

   "So Amelia, what high school do you go to?" I asked her as we all go in the car. Harry in the passengers seat, Amelia in the back seat and me in the driver's seat. 

     "Uhm Chaffey." She said

  I looked at her shocked. "How come I've never seen you there?" I asked her

   "I just started yesterday. And let me tell you it was bad. Everyone made fun of me. Its horrible. Can I just miss school today Juliana?" She begged me. 

    "Im sorry, I cant let you miss school. And why are they making fun of you?" I asked her pulling out the driveway and drove towards the school.

     I saw her fiddle with her fingers, "I dunno. They just don't like me and they pick on me." She said.

  I nodded my head, "Well Amelia that's gunna change. What lunch do you have?" Harry asked her.

    "Second lunch." She said looking at us. 

     "Well how about you hang out with Juliana and I with our friends?" Harry asked.

  I punched him in the shoulder making Amelia flinch. "What the heck Harry. You know who I hang out with. It won't be good. And there's no way in bloody hell you gunna hang out with me and my friends. You'll ruin our reputation." I explained.

    I looked at Amelia and she looked hurt that I said she couldn't hang out with us.

  "Listen Amelia, it's not that I don't want you to hang out with us. It's just, I hang out with different people." I said unsure how to explain it. 

    "Just tell her the truth!" Harry yelled.

     "I can't! If I do she'll be afraid of me! Do you not know how good it feels that for once somebody isn't afraid of me!" I yelled when I stopped at a red light.

    "Well maybe if you stopped acting like a bitch for once nobody would be so damn afraid of you!" Harry yelled back at me.

     "SHUT UP!" Amelia screamed from the backseat causing us both to flinch. 

      "Both of you guys explain." She said rubbing her forehead. We both stood quite and I stated driving. "NOW." She said raising her voice. 

      I groaned, "Fine. I sell drugs, I hang out with my drug dealer friends. We're the bad guys and school and in the town. Everyone's afraid of us because of the things we do. I bullied Harry for several years until this all happened. Im not who you think I am. I ran away from my parents. I killed lots of people." I said through clenched teeth. 

    Harry looked at Amelia. "Im exactly like Juliana. But I've been undercover dressed as a nerd cause I was planning on killing Juliana and I have her friends captivated in my house but they'll still be going to school. And lots of people are after us. Cops and other gang member. This is the first time im going to school dressed as myself not a nerd." Harry said as pulled up to the school.

      "You guys are sick. Why would you do all that." Amelia said. I parked the car and turned it off. 

      "I'm trying to survive. So if you say a word to anybody, I will-" , "What she means is, don't tell anybody this cause we'll be in big trouble." Harry said cutting me off.

   She looked at us in fear. "Dont look at us like that. Your gunna be hanging out with us so get used to it. We're doing you a favor. Nobody's gunna bother you now. They'll all be afraid of you." I said opening the door getting out along with Harry. 

      We waited for Amelia to come out and she looked scared. "Relax we won't hurt you. We'll protect you." I said softly.

    She looked at me and smiled. "Promise?" She asked

      "Promise." I said 

    We walked towards the school and Harry grabbed my hand and intertwined our hands together. I looked at him and forced a smile to my face and looked straight ahead. 

  As usual people made room for us and lots of people starred at Harry's new transformation. We both smirked and I looked at Amelia. 

   "Dont smile at them. They won't be afraid of you. Smirk at them." I said with a chuckle. 

     She looked at me and smirked and I nodded my head in approval.  We walked inside the cafeteria and walked towards mines and my friends table. They saw me and smirked and I grinned. 

       Once we reached the table they glared at Harry and looked at Amelia. 

    "Get used to Harry, he'll be with us for a while. This is Amelia, she'll also be here with us for a while. I expect you guys to treat them like family. And by family I dont mean like how we treat each other that's different. I want you all to treat them like they're the most special persons who ever walked this world." I explained. 

       "But-", I shot Zayn a glare. "No buts. You guys heard me." I said sitting down. 

  I gave Ash his yogurt and he gave me his cookies. 

     "So it's Amelia right?" Niall asked her. 

 She nodded her head smiling. 

    Niall back away from her like if she was some sort of alien, "Woah Juliana you have to teach this one here a lot of things." He said sitting back down. 

      I chuckled, "I'll be training her, but Ima need you guys there as well. We all have to be prepared for Jermiah." I said taking a bite out of my cookie 

     "Wow I'd love to, but you see that son of a bitch has us tied in his basement!" Louis spat getting up ready to hit Harry. I stood up and got in Louis way and pushed him into a wall and grabbed him from his shirt.

     "You lay a finger on him or anybody else in our gang, I will hurt you Louis. Dont test me." I said pushing him once again and letting him go. 

       "What the hell is wrong with you! Never in your life have you laid a finger on me! Why are you doing this!? We're family Juliana. Family don't hurt one another especially if the person your protecting is from another gang who tried to kill us!" Louis yelled. 

     I grabbed my bags. "Louis shut the fuck up okay. We're all family now. If you dont like it then leave." I spat walking out the cafeteria and running into the basement in the school. I locked the janitors closet and cried. 

    What the hell is wrong with me. Louis is right. I shouldn't have touched him. I've never done that before. Look at yourself. Your crying. Juliana never cries. What the fuck is wrong with me. 









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