The Killer Books

Hestia is new at the school. Rony has been at this school forever. The two girls unexpectedly fall into the same situation. Hestia's books, notebooks or textbooks, go on a killing spree. And their next target is Rony! Hestia and Rony must stop the killing of innocent young students by ferocious books. Authors note: This book is brought to you by two friends whose books would fall out of their lockers onto peoples heads. We made it just for laughs and don't judge us. Because the books next target could be you! Please tell us what you think of the book! *Hey guys this is Ariel Cameroe about 2 years after writing this book with Kate Pip. I have recently published a new uncompleted story called "It Can't Get Any Worse". In that book, Cami is Rony in this book and Izzy is Iz in this book. Hestia is Ariel. Check out to see the overlap!


2. The 'Other' Beginning (Ronys point of view)


 First day of school with a new year ahead of me. I've been at my school since preschool. So, I'm  not nervous in the least. My school is very small, so I will have the same friends as every I do every year...for the rest of middle school...and high school...its not like I'm complaining. I love my friends. Though, it might be nice to have a little change in the scenery. But I'm happy that they're are all nice people in my school. I felt my phone buzzing in my pants pocket. It was a text from my friend, Carson,

 So stoked for first day of fifth grade! I heard there's going to be a new girl. I hope she's nice! See you tomorrow! Bye! :)

A new girl? Hm. I don't know what to process of this. Eh, the more the merrier! I guess... I just don't want this to turn out like...Paris. You see, in first grade a new girl came to the school. She went by the name of Paris, and she was a jerk! I was overly friendly with her and she turned out to be a blonde haired shark. But I did say I wanted a change in scenery. Life lesson people: There are no such thing as ugly people. As cheesy as that sounds its true.

I texted back to Carson,

Sounds good, but we've got to protect her from Daryl. ;) If you know what I mean...

Daryl Smido was the player of the fifth grade. I know it sounds crazy, that we're too young. But tell that to him! He asked almost all the girls out. Its nasty! But I've got better things to do than worry about him.

The week before the first day of school. My school has "New Family Night". All the new family's come in and tour the school. My friend Izzy will be there so I can talk to her the whole time. When we get there Mrs. Sorbet, the vice principle, puts me and Izzy in charge of giving the new kids tours. I start asking what grade everyone is going into so that I know what rooms to show them. I get to a pretty girl with glasses and dirty blonde hair. When I ask her what grade she is going into she says fifth. The same grade as me, finally, I get to meet the new girl...


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