The Killer Books

Hestia is new at the school. Rony has been at this school forever. The two girls unexpectedly fall into the same situation. Hestia's books, notebooks or textbooks, go on a killing spree. And their next target is Rony! Hestia and Rony must stop the killing of innocent young students by ferocious books. Authors note: This book is brought to you by two friends whose books would fall out of their lockers onto peoples heads. We made it just for laughs and don't judge us. Because the books next target could be you! Please tell us what you think of the book! *Hey guys this is Ariel Cameroe about 2 years after writing this book with Kate Pip. I have recently published a new uncompleted story called "It Can't Get Any Worse". In that book, Cami is Rony in this book and Izzy is Iz in this book. Hestia is Ariel. Check out to see the overlap!


11. The Dawn of the Killer Books (Hestia's point of view)

   That afternoon, when I got home, I told my mom about the incident with Rony and my books.  She didn't seem concerned about the teeth marks.  "Her dog probably bit her before and she didn't remember.  Then when the books fell, they probably scraped her arm and it started bleeding," she had reasoned.  But something about it didn't feel right.  I tried to push it out of my mind for the night.  I would deal with it the next day. 


   Rony and I met at our locker the next day to talk about what had happened.  The classroom was empty; we had planned to get to school early to make our conversation private.  I told her my mom's theory.  We decided to agree on that, it made us less nervous and worried.  But then it happened again.  After our chat, me and Rony opened our locker doors to get our books.  As soon as we did, the books leapt out at us and knocked us down.  We lay there for a few seconds, then sat up, bewildered.  Did that really just happen again? was what went through both of our minds.  And even weirder:  Rony had more bites!   So it wasn't just a coincidence!  I looked down at myself, expecting to have bites all over me, too.  But I didn't.  Rony was bleeding pretty bad though.  So I told her to go to the girls' room to wash it off, so it didn't get infected.  My parents were nurses, and they had taught me well.  My friend ran out and was back in a few moments.  I dashed over to the Band-Aids, and, running back to Rony, I said, "Here, put these on them.  And hurry, the teacher will be back in the room soon!"  She stuck them on her raw skin and whimpered.  "Ugh!  I swear, I am never going in my locker again!"  she cried miserably.  I went over to carefully scoop up the books.  Then I realized that the books that had fallen were mine.  Rony's and my other locker partners' (Liv and Hannah) books were neatly sitting on the shelf.  "How strange," I muttered.  "What?"  Rony asked.  "That's peculiar," I said, lost in thought.  "What?" she repeated.  "But how could that be..." I quietly questioned myself.  "WHAT?!"  Rony exclaimed.  "These books are mine..." I replied.  "And, your point is?"  she said, becoming impatient.  "Well it's obvious, I mean, both times the books attacked, they were my books.  But why not yours, or Liv's, or Hannah's?  And why are there teeth marks on your skin?  Why not on mine?  Like, the books can't bite, right?"  I said flipping one of the textbooks over and running my hand over it gently.  "Too many questions.  What we need is answers!"  Rony said, overwhelmed.  "Arg, this is too confusing for my brain!"  I said as I sank to the floor.  Finally Rony stood and said, "I know this is hard to figure out, but let's just kind of let it be for a while.  We can sleep on it again tonight, and then form a battle plan tomorrow."  "Good idea," I replied.  So it was settled.  We would wait.

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