The Killer Books

Hestia is new at the school. Rony has been at this school forever. The two girls unexpectedly fall into the same situation. Hestia's books, notebooks or textbooks, go on a killing spree. And their next target is Rony! Hestia and Rony must stop the killing of innocent young students by ferocious books. Authors note: This book is brought to you by two friends whose books would fall out of their lockers onto peoples heads. We made it just for laughs and don't judge us. Because the books next target could be you! Please tell us what you think of the book! *Hey guys this is Ariel Cameroe about 2 years after writing this book with Kate Pip. I have recently published a new uncompleted story called "It Can't Get Any Worse". In that book, Cami is Rony in this book and Izzy is Iz in this book. Hestia is Ariel. Check out to see the overlap!


8. First Day Of School (Rony's point of view)

 I walked into school through the gym doors for the first day assembly. I noticed Hestia and went over to sit with her.

"Hi Hestia!" I smiled.

"Hi Rony! How are you?" She asked

"Living the dream!" I said cheerfully

She laughed "Can't say I've ever heard that one before." She smiled

"Well, the world's full of surprises." I winked "School shopping go down well?"

"Yeah I went to Hop 'n' Shop." She said "My only problem was a bunch of toilet paper rolls on the floor. Talk about vandalism!" 

I laughed...nervously "Haha, I know right." I shrunk down in my seat.


I put my backpack in my locker that I shared with Hestia, and went to put things in my new desk. I then remembered I had left my pencil box in my locker. When I opened the door. Hestia's books came tumbling out in a cascade of paper. They fell onto my head and knocked me down. I then felt a sharp pain in my arm. Like needles being pushed into my wrist and forearm. I howled in pain and Hestia came rushing over to me. I then looked down to see angry teeth marks all over my arm...

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