The Killer Books

Hestia is new at the school. Rony has been at this school forever. The two girls unexpectedly fall into the same situation. Hestia's books, notebooks or textbooks, go on a killing spree. And their next target is Rony! Hestia and Rony must stop the killing of innocent young students by ferocious books. Authors note: This book is brought to you by two friends whose books would fall out of their lockers onto peoples heads. We made it just for laughs and don't judge us. Because the books next target could be you! Please tell us what you think of the book! *Hey guys this is Ariel Cameroe about 2 years after writing this book with Kate Pip. I have recently published a new uncompleted story called "It Can't Get Any Worse". In that book, Cami is Rony in this book and Izzy is Iz in this book. Hestia is Ariel. Check out to see the overlap!


9. First Day of School (Hestia's point of view)

     When I got to school on my first day, I was the second girl there (in 5th grade).  The first girl's name was Brianna.  She was friendly, and I knew we would be good buddies.  Then more girls arrived, and I was introduced to each one of them.  Finally Rony and Izzy arrived.  I waved to them, and Rony came over and sat by me.  She asked me how school shopping went, so I told her how irritated I was in the toilet paper section.  She seemed kind of uncomfortable. 

     I got to meet my homeroom teacher after meeting my friends.  She was nice and I liked her a lot.  I got my locker and I ended up sharing with Rony and a couple others.  I set my books in my new space and closed the doors.  Then I went over to organize my desk.  All of a sudden I heard a scream and a few thuds.  I whipped around to see Rony lying on the ground in front of our locker with books on top of her.  My books.  I ran over to her and got down on the ground, kneeling beside the fallen girl.  "Rony, Rony, are you okay?!" I exclaimed.  She sat up, dazed.  I held her arm to keep her from swaying too much.  "OW!" she cried.  "What?" I asked.  I looked down at her arm.  To my surprise, there were teeth marks on her skin.  She was bleeding a little bit.  "Rony... look..." I said, in shock.  "What is it?" she replied.  I pointed to her cuts.  "Oh my gosh, how did that happen?" she cried, shaking.  "I- I don't know," I said.  "What happened over here?" exclaimed my new teacher, walking over to the pile of books next to Rony.  "The books fell out of our locker...on to Rony... and she fell and now she has teeth marks on her skin," I explained, holding up my friend's injured arm so the teacher could see the strange bites.  "Well, I highly doubt they are real teeth marks, but they are bleeding, so here is a Band-Aid or two," she said, pulling out some bandages from a bag on her desk.  Then she questioned, "Did the books hit your head dear?"  "No," Rony fibbed, for she didn't like all the attention.  So the teacher, whose actual name was Mrs. Smith, helped her stand up and collect all of the things that had fallen.  And we went on with the rest of our day, but Rony and I were both thinking about the mysterious teeth marks that had randomly appeared on her arm.  I mean, the books didn't bite her right?  It's impossible.  Or is it?

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