Promises we meant to keep

All through out our lives we have made some type of a promise. Sometimes they are stupid like promising to be best friends forever when you were little to get something you wanted. But sometimes promises can be so important that once they are broken, so is that persons trust in you. You see one day years ago, me and my best friend made a promise that we will always be like brother and sister no matter what the situation might come to be. But as everybody says, promises are only meant to be broken.


2. 1. Saying goodbye is never easy.

Maylyn's POV:

"Oh my god, May, you better almost be ready or I swear to god, I will leave without you," Destiny groaned through my bathroom door. Rolling my eyes, I zipped up my make-up bag, grabbed the last couple things in my bathroom and opened the door.

"Don't get your panties in a twist I am right here." I spoke sarcastically as I pushed past her and walked into my room to get the last of my suitcases. All of you are probably wondering what we are getting ready for. Well today is the day we are moving to LA.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of moving there but my dad and step mom hated the idea of it. They both grew up in Virginia and grew up to love it here. So whenever I even mentioned the idea, they just shut it down. But luckily they are letting me go and move to Cali as my late 18th birthday present.

Just as I was balancing my bags, Destiny came running in and knocked into me causing everything to plummet to the carpeted floor. "Really Destiny really, did you have to run in here," I groaned annoyed as I tried to pick up my suitcases AGAIN!

"Well you are taking forever to get ready so what else am I supposed to do," she dramatically said as she smirked at me. I really start to wonder why the hell we are even friends sometimes. " But anyways I came up here to tell you that your dad is looking for you."

"Alright just let me grab these last two boxes that YOU made me drop," She just rolls her eyes at me and walks out of my room. After I managed to walk down the flight of stairs with all these bags in my arms, I went to my dads office and found him at his desk. "Hey daddy, what did you need."

"I just wanted to see you before you go," my dad said as he looked up at me. When he look at me, I could see the tears welling up in his eyes. "You know after your mom moved to Florida, you always talked about moving to California," my dad chuckled. "I never thought that you would actually convince me to let you go though because you have always been my little baby girl."

"Dad stop your gonna make me cry," I walked up to him and squeezed him into a hug. Me and my dad have always been really close after my mom left us when I was 5. After she left, my biggest fear has been somebody I love leaving me again. I still see my mom every other summer, but when I'm there she is always so busy with her work that I see my half brother David and my stepdad more than I see her.

"But darling it's true, you have always been my adventurous little girl. I always knew that you would one day venture out to do bigger things for yourself," my dad smiled at me and then the tears started shedding down my face. The one thing I will miss the most is my family. I am going to miss my annoying little brother Brayden, who squirts ketchup in my shoes and my cute little sister Morgan, who always puts a smile on my face when I have really bad days. Lastly, I'm gonna miss my stepmom who has always been the mom that I have always wanted and needed as I grew up to be the person I am today.

"Well dad, I think I better go before Destiny kills me because I'm not out there yet," my dad laughed and let me go because he knows how cranky she can get if she is left waiting. "You better call me when you land okay? I love you my little mayflower." I smiled at my dads nickname he used to call me when I was little.

"I will and I love you too dad," I kissed his cheek and walked back upstairs to say goodbye to my sister since my brother was at field hockey practice and shared a goodbye with me earlier. I walked into my sisters room and knocked on the door to get her attention.

"Your about to leave aren't you," she looked at me raising her eyebrow up as she looked at me. "Yep, so are you going to miss me," I asked her sarcastically. "Well I mean now I get to have your room and bathroom so yea i don't think so," she says to me cheekily. Ever since she has been about 8, she has always wanted my room because it was bigger than hers and had a en suite bathroom.

"Hahaha you are so funny if you think that your getting that room little girl," I looked at her weirdly and she just winks at me. "We'll see but you should probably go before Destiny kills you and then makes me help her hide the body," she jokingly said as she got up and wrapped me up in a hug. As I was hugging her, I could smell my perfume on her!

"You little sneaky girl, you used my perfume didn't you," I looked at her accusingly. As she pushed me out of her room she nervously laughed saying,"Well its been nice talking to you, but I think its time for you to go, Love ya." Shaking my head as she slammed the door in my face, I turned around and headed down the hallway to FINALLY get heading out. As I was about to go down the stairs, I caught a glimpse of my empty room.

Thats when it hit me that I was finally leaving the house I grew up in and moving across the country. With tears drawing up in my eyes,

I walked down the stairs and walked out the door to my impatient best friend in her car. "Well well well, look who decided to finally leave," she said to me as I got into the car.

"Yea yea whatever, just start the car," she starts the car and drives down my driveway. Well I guess this is it. LA, here we come!

A/n: Well I hope you guys enjoy the story so far but next chapter will introduce the storyline better for you guys. But comment down below what you guys think so far of the story.

Peace and blessings,

Alanni <3

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