The new band memeber

5 seconds of summer include: Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and the new Band member Meghan Hayley...


7. 7

Lukes Pov

*a few days later*

We are now on our way to america. We are in the taxi ready to go to the airport. Ashton cant find his phone so he is in the hotel looking for it.

"HURRY UP ASH!!!" Meghan shouts through the window. "We are gna miss the plane!"

"Hang on...FOUND IT!" He said running to the taxi with his phone in his hands.

Ashtons Pov

at the airport*

We get greeted by paparazzi and because Meghan had never experienced it, before we got out, i told her to stay close to me.

Meghans Pov

Geez! Wow! Is this normal for them? Ash told me to stay close to him. So i do but then i suddenly loose him in a crowd of lights.

"ASHTON?? ASH?? WHERE ARE YOU? LUKE? CAL? MICHAELLLLLL???" I screamed running trying to get out. There were so many cameras. I me and i suddenly felt dizzy. I think im gna f-

Calums pov

Where has meg gone?

"WHERE ARE YOU? LUKE? CAL? MICHAELLLLLL???" I hear her scream.

I run back into the flashing lights and i try to find her. I see her and she looks pale. I ran up to her and she suddenly went faint. I took her to the boys and gave her some water.

"Meghan are you alright? Im sorry i should of held ur hand and if i did this wouldnt of happ-" ash said

"Ash its fine. Don't worry about it" she said smiling.

We got on the plane and flew to Washington DC.

Meghans Pov

So we are on the plane in first class and i got lonely soooooo i decided to see what Luke was doing. He was the closest to me. He was watching the lego movie so i sat next to him an watched it to. About half way through the movie luke fell asleep on my shoulder. I decided to settle down too so i rested my head on his head.

Ashton's POV

I saw Meghan and Luke asleep on each other so i decided to take a photo and post it in twitter.


AWWWWWW!! On our way to washington DC!! Yeahhh!! - ash (^^)

*hours later*

Lukes POV

I woke up to find meg sleeping on me. I decided to leave her be and watch the rest of the movie. When the movie finished, Meghan was still asleep. She kept moving around trying to get comfy and she eventually woke up.

Meghans POV

I suddenly woke up from my sleep as my eyes adjusted to my surroundings, i saw Luke watching another movie, it looked like catching fire hunger games.

/////////6th chapter





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