The new band memeber

5 seconds of summer include: Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and the new Band member Meghan Hayley...


6. 6

Calums pov


Who thought having a girl in the band would make it even funner! And the best thing is, it hardly takes her anytime to get ready. Its only when she washes her hair it takes a while coz its so long but other than that Luke still takes the longest to get ready!

We went down stairs to the canteen and had breakfast. I had toast and marmite which is apparently the same as vegemite.

Meghans pov

For breakfast i made the boys try marmite because it is the same as vegemite and they wouldn't listen. After they realised that it was the same, they ate loads! Im not much of an eater on the morning so i just had one slice and a drink of orange juice.

We then went back upstairs to brush our teeth and then we were out again.

"Soooooo....what do ya wanna do?" Luke asked us

"Im not sure but before we do anything a need a costa!" I answered.

"Ok do you know where one is and what is costs?!He asked

"Ya i know where one is and also its like Starbucks but so much better!" I answered laughing. Then the others started to laugh too.

It was a short walk to Starbucks and it wasn't long before we were in. We ordered, got our drinks and sat down. We talked and then we suddenly heard a scream.

"OH MY GOD ITS 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!!" We looked up to see a bunch of girls at the door of the cafe. They ran up to us and were asking loads of questions. There were so many girls we had to leave and go back to the hotel. We started running and the girls were following us! We ran through reception and up the stairs and into mine, ashtons and michaels room.

We sat down and it was silent for a few minutes and i couldn't help myself and i started laughing. Then luke joined in and then michael and then ashton and then calum!! We all just sat there laughing!

We then went bk to the Etihad Stadium to do sound check. We met the boys from 1D there and messsed around. After the sound check we decided to play truth or dare.

"Michael, t or d?" Calum asked him.

"Errmm... DARE!" He answered

"I dare you to go up to paul and kiss him on the cheek." Calum shouted

I got out my phone and keeked it. It was sooooo funny!

"Meghan, t or d?" Liam asked me

"Truth! Coz I usually pick dare."

"ok, who was your first kiss?"

"Well this is awkward"

"Why?" Niall asked

"Ive never had my first kiss, ive never had a boyfriend either! And never been on a date...LOL" i shouted

All 9 of the boys looked at me in shock.

"How have you never had a boyfriend?" Ashton asked

"I dunno. I was never a liked person in school, i mean i had crushes and stuff but just never had a boyfriend."

///////5th chapter :)


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