The new band memeber

5 seconds of summer include: Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and the new Band member Meghan Hayley...


5. 5

Michaels pov


Im sharing a room with meg and ash. This is gna be fun!!!! We took our bags into our rooms. Meghan ran to the bed by the window.

"BAXI MINE!" She screamed

I ran over to the one facing it.

"I want this one!"

"Well i don have a choice than to have this one." Ash said and sat on the bed nearest the door.

We all exchanged glances and burst out laughing. The other boys then came into the room and sat in mine and ash's bed. We talked for a while and then Meghan said she was Hungary so we went to the canteen.

"PIZZA!!" I heard Meg shout. I ran over to her and i took like 5 pieces. I heard her laugh.


"Do u really need that much?"


She laughed again as we all sat down together.

"Meghan you did amazing up there today!" Ash said

"Thanks but i cant tell u how nervous i was! Im still shaking now!" She answered.

Meghans Pov

After we ate we decided to go bk up to the rooms. We all came into mine, ash and michaels room and watched a movie.

Michaels Pov

About half way through the movie, Meghan fell asleep on my shoulder. Shes so cute when she sleeps. She then snuggled into my chest as if i was her bed. When the movie finished, i picked her up and lay her on her bed. Luke and cal then went bk to their room and went to bed.

Me and Ash stayed up for a bit longer and then went to bed at around 11:30


Meghans Pov

I woke up at around 9 so i decided to get ready. I had a shower and got dressed into black ripped jeans, a batman tank top and some maroon red vans. I did my hair just normal (naturally strait and it goes down to my waist) and i little bit of makeup. When i was ready i watched a bit of tv and i got bored so i decided to wake up the boys.

"ASHTON MICHAEL WAKE UPPPP!" I shouted jumping on their beds.

"PLEASEEEEEE IM LONELYYYYYYY!" I shouted again still jumping on the beds. They eventually woke up and threw pillows at me.

"I was having a dream about pizza and u ruined it!" Michael said

"Meghannnnnnnaaaa! Im tired!"

"Yeah bit ive been up for hourssssss! And i get lonely!" I said lying across both of the beds.

They both got up and i went next door to see the others.

"HIYA!" I shouted opening the door

"HIIII!" Cal shouted back

"Luke wake up!" I said doing the same to him as i did to mikey and ash.

"Why do u want us all the wake up?" Cal asked

"Coz i got lonely" i plainly said

"Haha!" He laughed and gave me a hug.

Eventually everyone was ready and we went down stairs to have breakfast.

//////4th chapter (:


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