Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


11. Visitors

Louis POV

So I am sitting at the airport waiting for the girls and Nathan to arrive because we are going to surprise Sydney because we know how much she misses them and how hard it can be not to see your friends and family while your on tour. Their flight just landed a few minutes ago and I see people walking out of their terminal I hold up my sign because I am disguised as a butler so no fans will figure out it's me. After a minute I see them and they start walking over. When they get to me they don't even realize it's me so I just pretend to be an actual butler and say " I was told Mr. Tomlinson I was supposed to pick you up and escort you to the arena so follow me" they follow and then Paul looks at me like I am weird when we get to the car I just smile and put my finger to my lips signaling for him not to say anything he nods and gets In the drivers seat and starts driving us to the arena. And that's when izzy says " nice acting Louis" Paul laughs and I just look at her with disbelief and ask " how did you know" and she replies with "well a butler would not sit in the back he would be driving and plus you said Tomlinson in the airport so yeah"

Skyler POV

I am so happy that we finally get to see Sydney it has been two months already and I can't wait to see her preform tonight at the concert it's going to be great. When we get to the arena Louis is still dressed as the butler so the fans don't recognize him and we walk on through the back doors. We meet up with the rest of the boys an give them all hugs. We aren't allowed to see Sydney yet because we are going to surprise her after the concert so during the show we are going to be watching from one of the boys dressing room TVs


Nathan POV

The show is about to start and we are all sitting in Liam's dressing room waiting for Sydney to come on stage when she finally does she has a huge smile on her face and she yells "HELLO PARIS HOW ARE YOU TONIGHT!!" She gets met with lots of screams and then she starts singing Mean by Taylor swift and we all look at each other with wide eyes because we knew she could sing but we never knew she could sing this good especially in front of a huge crowd.

****************after concert

Sydney POV

As always I greet the boys and tell them how amazing they did after there show. But tonight they seemed to be a little more happy than usual like they were up to something. Then I felt something hit the back of my head and I turn around and see my three best friends standing there smiling at me. I sprint towards them and get to izzy first she picks me up and spins me in a tight hug then she let's go and I hug Skyler and Nathan. " what are y'all doing here?" I ask them they look at the boys and Nathan says " it was the boys idea they knew how much you missed us an so they wanted to surprise you. I turn around and go hug all of the boys and thank them. After that we leave the arena and go back to the hotel we are staying at and just stay up all night catching up watching movies and stuff. Let's just say the next morning I woke up curled up in Zayn's arms with everyone on the floor and food everywhere. I decided to get up and make everyone breakfast so I head to the kitchen and get everything out as quietly as I can. When I finishes cooking I go into the living room and see everyone still asleep so I go and get to frying pans and walk back to the living room and smash them together. And with that everyone jolts awake and looks at me irritated so I say " I just thought you would want some homemade breakfast before it gets cold and with that izzy, Skyler are the first in the kitchen because they love my cooking and they are followed by the boys once we sit down at the table with our food we dig in I see all the boys eyes widen and they look at me and ask "did you cook this?" I say "yep" while smiling and then Niall burst out "THIS IS GREAT!" I thank him and we continue to eat and talk about what we are doing today and we all decide to walk around Paris and do some shopping. So after breakfast we all get ready.

Izzy POV

So after we were all ready except Sydney and the boys. When they finally come into the living room we all bust out laughing because the boys have wigs and mustaches and every thing else on and Sydney well let's just say you can't recognize her she looks like a well I don't even know she has a red curly wig on and it's so funny. After we get done laughing we finally leave the hotel and start walking through Paris. Everything is so beautiful. We go into some shops and buy a few souvenirs and stuff then we decide to get some lunch. We find this little cafe and eat there " so where should we go when we leave here?" Liam asks. " I say we go to the Eiffel Tower" Sydney suggest which doesn't surprise me she has always wanted to see the Eiffel tower. So after lunch we go to the Eiffel Tower when we get there we get someone to take a picture of all of us In front of it. Then we go up to the top of it and it is an incredible view. After that we decided to go back to the hotel and hang out.


Niall's POV

Well the girls and Nathan went back home a few days ago. We just arrived in Milan, Italy yesterday and we have a day off before we have a concert so we decided that we would all go out clubbing well except Sydney she didn't want to come since she hates alcohol. she was going to do a little souvenir shopping for everyone back in the US. Zayn was going to stay with her, but she told him to have fun he earned it and I am kinda glad she did we haven't really had a chance to hang out just us guys so we are all excited about that. When we finally get to the club we find a table and order our drinks and just talk for a while until Zayn and I decide to have a drinking contest. "Sydney's not going to be happy about this" I hear Harry say and he is probably right. I end up winning and then we all split up after a while we decided to go back to the hotel but we could not find Zayn. Then I checked my phone to see that he sent a message saying he was going back to the hotel that was about an hour ago so yeah I tell the guys and we head outside and find a cab.

Sydney POV

When I got back to the hotel I see the boys getting out of a cab coming back from the club but I don't see Zayn with them so I go over and ask " hey guys where is Zayn?" They tell me he came back an hour ago so I thank them and run up the stairs because I want to show Zayn what I bout for everyone back home. I get my key out and unlock the door and when I open it I just stand there in shock, tears start running down my face.

Authors note: sorry guys had to do it.

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