Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


2. The Sleep Over

Isabel (izzy)

I was driving down the road on my way to Sydney's house for a sleep over with the girls. When I got there I got my bag and went to knock on the door. When she opened the door I knew she was excited because she yelled IZZY!!! And tackled me to the ground and the only reason she would do that is if she was excited. Sydney I love you but please get off of me. Once she got off I saw a smile on her face that no one has seen in years. Then I asked her " so what are you so excited about?" You will just have to wait and find out she replied. Then I made a pouty face and said but I want to know now like a little kid would, she just laughed and said be patient so I said fine while still talking like a little kid. Then we went inside and talked while waiting for Skyler and Katie to show up, and when they finally did we ran outside to meet them. We gave them each hugs and walked back inside and went to Sydney's room to hang out like we always do.

Katie POV

We have been sitting in Sydney's room talking and just doing random things for a while. At the moment me and izzy are talking she was telling me about when she got here Sydney was really excited and tackled her which I thought was really funny, and that Sydney would not tell her why she was so excited but anyway. Then the next thing she told me really surprised me, she told me she saw the smile no one has seen in years. Then I look over at Sydney playing on her phone and then over to Skyler who is texting and she has the same smile izzy said she saw on Sydney's face, and we have not seen it on either of their faces in years. So I decided to ask who are you texting over there? She looks up and realizes we are all smiling at her knowing what we are thinking she quickly hides her phone and says no one. Then Sydney says awwww she's blushing which makes her even more red and makes us laugh. Then izzy says ok you two need to stop with the secrets they both just smile and say I will tell you later just be patient. Wow they really think alike I mean I know they are cousins and everything but still it can get pretty scary sometimes.

Sydney POV

After Sky and I finally got them to stop trying to find out our secrets we were all just doing random stuff. Katie and izzy were playing sing it, Skyler was texting someone and I was playing on my phone. A few minutes later my phone goes off and the girls look at me and burst out laughing because of my ringtone is the laughing chipmunk. When I saw who the text was from I smiled like a crazy person because it was Zayn. I know the girls are still looking at me but I don't care. The girls finally go back to what they were doing and I reply to Zayn.

Text conversation ( Z- Zayn, S-Sydney)

Z- hey this is Zayn.

S- hey what's up

Z-not much hanging out with the lads how about you?

S- sounds fun what are y'all Up to and my cousin and two best friends are over for a sleep over.

Z- sounds fun Niall is texting skyler a girl he met at El Sombrero today and he rest of the lads are playing Mario Kart. What are you girls doing?

S- well Katie and izzy are playing sing it and did you say Skyler?

Z- yeah why?

S- did she happen to have short brown hair and glasses?

Z- yeah


Z- what do you know her?

S- yeah she is my cousin I guess I know who she has been texting now.

Z- oh cool

S- be right back

Z- ok

End of conversation

So I turned to Skyler and said Sky we need to talk then she looked at me and said I agree. So we walked outside and sat on the porch swing and I asked her WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU MET NIALL!!! Then she said I was waiting for the right time I am guessing that is why YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU MET ZAYN!!! Yep I replied. Then we sat there for a little longer and told each other how we met them and showed each other the pictures. We went back inside where the girls were still playing sing it.

Izzy POV

When Sydney and Skyler came back inside I told Sydney I was hungry. So we all went to the kitchen and made pizza rolls. While we were eating I suggested we should watch a movie. So Sydney asks what we want to watch an Katie yells 1D THIS IS US!! Then is see Sydney an Skyler look at each other and smile a smile that says funny you should say that, but I don't understand why so I ask what was that about? What? You just looked at each other and smiled when Katie said 1D This Is Us. We are just happy that she said that movie Sydney says. I don't really believe it but I just go with it and say ok. When we got done eating Katie and I went to the living room while Sydney and Skyler went and got the movie. While we are waiting Katie says " I have a feeling they are up to something" I know they are acting weird I reply. Then we end our conversation because they come in the room. Sydney puts the movie in and we all sit on the couch except Sydney she sits in her devil chair that only she can sit in because every time anyone else sits in it it falls back and also that's why we call it the devil chair.

Zayn POV

The lads and I were all sitting around talking about what we are doing tomorrow when Liam suggest that Niall and I invite Sydney an Skyler to hang out tomorrow so the boys can meet them so Niall texted Skyler and I texted Sydney

Conversation z-Zayn s-Sydney

Z- hey what's up

S- watching a movie with the girls

Z- sounds fun what you watching

S- um ...

Z-come on what is it

S- 1D This Is Us

Z- really how do you like it

S- it's amazing or should I say amazayn

Z- haha well I am glad you like it

S- so what's up

Z- the lads and I were wondering if you and Skyler wanted to hang out tomorrow, Niall is already asking Skyler.

S- sounds great what time

Z- 1:00 we can meet up at the park

S- sounds good see you tomorrow bye

Z- bye

End of conversation

After I finished talking to Sydney I told the lads I was going to bed. So I went up stairs and got ready and laid down but I could not go to sleep because I was to excited about seeing Sydney tomorrow. After about an hour of thinking about tomorrow I finally fell asleep.

Skyler POV

By the time the movie was over we were all dying if laughter, but after we finally calmed down we decided to go to bed Sydney and I shared the top bunk and izzy and Katie on the bottom bunk. After a while of trying to go to sleep Sydney gets up and leaves the room I figure she is just going to the bathroom so i don't ask. But when she did not come back I got up to see where she was and find her in the kitchen eating carrots. I laughed at her and said you tying to be like Louis now? She looked at me smiled and said no I could not sleep and I was to lazy to make anything. Then we both start talking about how excited we are about tomorrow until we decide to go to bed.

Louis POV

The lads and I were all sitting around the table eating breakfast and talking about were we were going to take the girls today. I looked over at Zayn and he had a milk mustache, I held in my laughter until I got a picture. Then when I get the picture I bust out laughing, the lads look at me wondering why I am laughing so I point at Zayn they all look over at him and start laughing as well. Zayn asks us what we are laughing at but we don't answer so he goes and looks in the mirror and wipes it off and says not funny guys while trying to hide a smile. Around 12:00 we all go and start to get ready to meet the girls.

Katie POV

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. So I get up and walk in the kitchen and see Sydney cooking while Izzy and Skyler are talking about random stuff. After we ate it was time for Izzy and I to go because we were going to a party. So we said bye to Sydney, Skyler, and Sydney's mom and left.

Author note: hey guy hope you like this chapter

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