Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


3. The Date

Sydney POV

After izzy and Katie left Skyler and I started getting ready to meet the boys. I wore a pair of white skinny jeans with a mint green shirt, mint green toms to match and my hair was in a side braid. Skyler wore a similar outfit but she straightened her hair, and she also put on some makeup I don't see how she can wear that stuff it's so uncomfortable. When she was finally done we headed to the park. We got there like 10 minutes early so we just sat on the swings and talked. We were talking and guessing where the boys were going to take us when someone comes up behind us and starts pushing us on the swings. We turn around and see Zayn, Niall and the boys behind us smiling. We smile and say our hellos then Zayn and Niall introduce us to the boys. Then Skyler asks so where are we going? Which Harry answers with it is a surprise. Usually we would be scared to go with someone we just met but we trusted them so we went with it. We rode with the boys, as we were going down the road we told the boys more about ourselves and I guess we got caught up talking because we did not realize that the car had stopped until Louis said we are here. We got out the car and I realized that we were at the ice skating rink.

Harry POV

When we got to the ice rink we all got out and I looked over at the girls. When they realized where we were I saw Sydney smile I guess she likes skating, but Skyler way nervous I guess she does not skate that often. When we got inside we got our skates and I guess Niall also noticed that Skyler was nervous because he walked over and asked her something.

Niall POV

when we were putting on our skates I noticed skyler looked a bit nervous so I went over to her and asked what was wrong. She said she is not very good at skating, so I told her that I would help her, and she smiled. Her smile was so beautiful, then we all went over to the ice an started skating. I noticed that Skyler was staying over on the side so I go over to her and ask her why she is staying on the side and she replies that she is scared to go into the middle. I told her she would be fine and that she could hold my hand if she wanted. She smiled and took my hand an we went away from the wall, we stumbled for a bit, but after a few minutes she got the hang of it. I looked up at her and see that she is looking towards the other end of the rink with an amazed expression. I follow her gaze and see Sydney spinning around and skating like a professional skater. Then she noticed everyone staring at her and stops and asks what? Your amazing where did you learn to skate like that? Liam asks. She shrugs and says I don't know I just can. Well your amazing Zayn says, her cheeks turned a bit red as she says thank you. After that we all went back to skating. Oh and if you are wondering why no one is crowding around us screaming the boys and I rented the rink for the day.

Louis POV

After we all went back to skating I looked over and saw Zayn fall and I burst out laughing. Then Sydney went over to help him up but instead of her pulling him up he pulled her down and the both started laughing, and as if we all knew what each other were thinking all the rest of us looked at each other smirking. I know that they just met yesterday but I can already tell that they with make a cute couple.

Zayn POV

I was skating around for a while until I fell. Then I heard Louis laughing from the other end of the rink and I knew he was laughing at me. A few seconds later Sydney came over to help me up but instead of letting her pull me up I pulled her down and we both started laughing. I knew the others were watching us but I did not care because I knew that I was in love with this girl I guess you could say it's love at first sight. After a minute of laughing we finally get up and start skating again. All of a sudden Niall and Skyler both yell I'm hungry!!! And we all burst out laughing. But we all agree and we leave the ice rink and go get something to eat. After we ate we took the girls back to their car and they followed us back to our house.

Skyler POV

When we got back to the boys house Liam asked what we wanted to do so I suggested a movie marathon. Everyone said yes so we went to the living room and Liam asked what movie and Harry suggested Lord Of The Rings. I tensed up a bit because that movie kinda scares me because of Gollum, but on the other hand it's one of Sydney's favorite movies and she likes to scare me by doing her freaking Gollum imitation and when she does it she actually sounds like him it's creepy. She looks over at me and says I love that movie but I know it scares Skyler a bit. Though it does scare me I did not want to ruin it for everyone else so I say it's fine we can watch it. So Liam put the movie in and we all sat down on the couch I sat next to Niall and Sydney sat next to Zayn. After a few minutes of watching I got scared because of Gollum so I buried my face in Niall's chest and he wraps his arms around me. I felt butterfly's in my stomach, but I felt so safe I didn't want this moment to end. I looked over at Sydney and saw Zayn had his arm around her there so cute. After a while Niall said he was going to make some popcorn, I decided so go with him and help. When it was done we put it in bowls and went back to the living room and passed them out Sydney and Zayn got a bowl, Liam, Louis and Harry got a bowl and Niall had a bowl I would just take some of his. So we both sat back down and to my surprise Niall asked me if I wanted some of his popcorn, I guess everyone else heard because everyone turned to look at us. Then Liam says "OMG he's actually sharing his food" then Louis smirked and said " he must have found his princess" right then I new I was blushing. Then Sydney has to make it worse by saying aww look their blushing I look over and Niall and he is as red as a tomato. Then we both see a flash and our heads snap towards the direction it came from and we see Harry with his phone an he says oh sorry I turned my flashlight on by mistake and we just looked at him like yeah right. Then we went back to watching the movies and once they were all over we found Zayn, and Sydney sleeping with his arms wrapped protectively around her while she is cuddled up into his chest I get my phone out and take a picture and the boys do to. I check the time on my phone and realize that it's 10:00 so the boys said we can stay the night if we wanted since it was late. I told them ok I would just have to call our moms and let them know I also told them that we had school tomorrow. So I went to call our moms and they were fine with it.

Authors note: hey guys sorry it took so long to update I have had Chorus rehearsals and concerts all last week but I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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