Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


1. How We Met

Sydney POV

I was sitting under a tree at the park drawing when I heard voices. I looked over to the field where they were coming from and saw six guys four of them were playing football (soccer) and the other two were sitting to the side talking. I did not pay very much attention but it sounded like thy had British accents except for one it sounded like he had an Irish accent. I turned back to my drawing quickly when I saw one of the ones sitting to the side was looking at me. A few minutes later I heard someone say hello, so I looked up and see Zayn Malik from One Direction my favorite band. I feel like I am about to freak out but I calm myself down and say hello. He sits down beside me and says it's nice to meet you I'm Zayn and holds out his hand. I shake his hand and say I'm Sydney it's nice to meet you too. We start talking, and he asks me if I am a fan. I smile and say yes, he then asks me who is my favorite member I tell him he is my favorite member and look down blushing I think he saw because he smiles and laughs a little. Then we continue talking until I have to go, but before I leave he asks me for my number so I give it to him and he gives me his autograph and we take a picture, then I tell him goodbye and leave.

Zayn POV

The lads and I went to the park to get some fresh air. They were playing football (soccer) while Paul and I were talking. I was looking around when I saw a beautiful girl sitting under a tree near by looking at us. I think she saw me looking at her because she quickly turned back to what she was doing. A few minutes later I told Paul I would be right back, and walked over to her she was even more beautiful up close. I say hello and she looks up at me. When she saw me she looked like she was about to freak out an start screaming, but she does not she says hello back and I sit down next to her and introduce my self she says it's nice to meet you I'm Sydney. We start talking and I learn that she is a fan an that I am her favorite member which makes me happy. After we talk for a little longer she has to leave, but before she does I get her number and I give her and autograph and we take a picture then she leaves. So I walk back over to the lads and lay back on the ground with a huge smile on my face. I hear Paul laugh and ask what are you so happy about? Then the boys come over and I tell them about Sydney and that I think I like her.

Louis POV

The lads and I were playing football (soccer) when I see Zayn get up and start walking over to a tree, then I see that there is a girl sitting under it. He sits down and they start talking I just smile and continue playing. After a while I see the girl walking to her car and that Zayn is coming back over with a huge smile on his face. When he got over here he laid down on the ground and closed his eyes never letting the smile leave his face. I hear Paul ask him what he is smiling about and the lads and I walk over to them and he sits up and tells us everything. We were happy that he found someone that he cared about even though he had just met her.

Niall POV

After Zayn told us about Sydney the girl he met a little while ago we left the park to get food YAY!! We went to El Sombrero. The lads and I were talking when I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She looked about 17 or 18 years old, she had short straight brown hair, and she was sitting by herself so I decided I would go and say hi. So I told the lads I would be right back and got up and started walking towards her table. While I was I heard Liam say " oh boy here we go again" all of the lads and Paul laughed at his comment, and it made me laugh a bit. When I got to her I said hi she looked up and when she saw me she looked shocked, surprised, and excited. After a few seconds she said hi my name is Skyler and asked me if I would like to sit down. I did and said its nice to meet you Skyler I'm Niall. Then I noticed her necklas, it was like a dog tag that had a picture of me on it. So I said nice necklas, she looked down at it and, then quickly graved it and hid it while blushing. I smiled and I am guessing you are a fan? She nodded while still blushing. We took a picture and continued talking for about 5 minutes before I went back to the lads. I asked her for her number and she gave it to me and I gave her mine and an autograph. Then we said goodbye. When I got back to the table I told the boys about her then we finished eating an went home.

Skyler POV

I was at El Sombrero where me and my mom were going to eat dinner. I was sitting at the table on my phone waiting for her to show up when I hear a beautiful Irish accent say hi. I look up and see Niall Horan my favorite member of my favorite band One Direction. I was so surprised an excited. After a few seconds I say hi an invite him to sit down. He does and we start talking when he said nice necklas so I looked down and realized which one he was talking about I quickly hid it while blushing because it was my 1D necklas with Niall on it. He must have seen me blush because he smiled. He then said I am guessing you are a fan I just nodded while smiling. We took a picture And then talked a little more before he went back to his table. We also exchanged numbers and he gave me his autograph. I was freaking out I mean it was a dream come true I met NIALL FREAKING HORAN!!! And I got his number. I can't wait to tell the girls later. Then my mom came in and I told her everything. She said that's so AWSOME. After we ate I headed home to get my things because Katie, Izzy, and I were going over to Sydney's house. When I got done getting ready I went to go pick up Katie because we decided we would ride together to save gas. When I got to her house she was already waiting out side for me. She put her bag in the back and got in an we headed to Sydney's.

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