Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


12. Heart Break

Sydney POV

When I got back to the hotel I see the boys getting out of a cab coming back from the club but I don't see Zayn with them so I go over and ask " hey guys where is Zayn?" They tell me he came back an hour ago so I thank them and run up the stairs because I want to show Zayn what I bought for everyone back home. I get my key out and unlock the door and when I open it I just stand there in shock. Tears start running down my face. Zayn is in bed with some blonde, and at this point Zayn looks up and sees me with tears running down my face his eyes widen and he tries to say it's not what it looks like I just run to find the boys I see Harry an Louis and run into harry and hug him while crying. They ask me what's wrong I just point at where Zayn is and Louis walks towards the door and looks in and yells " WHAT THE FUDGE ZAYN!"(Authors note: hey guys I don't use cuss words so I am using replacement words so yeah) I just hug Harry tighter and start sobbing.

Harry POV

Louis and I were walking to our room when Sydney comes running towards us crying. She runs into my arms and hugs me and when we ask what's wrong she points at her and Zayns room and Louis and I share a look and he goes to the door and I hear him yell " WHAT THE FUDGE ZAYN!!) and then he tells me to take Sydney to our room so that's what I do as we walk past the room I see some blonde in the bed and I realize what is going on and feel so bad for Sydney. When we get in mine and Louis room I sit her on the couch and let her cry into my chest. I hear some yelling from the hall way and then Louis comes in with all of Sydney's things. And then he comes over and takes her from me. I decide to get us all a drink so I make some tea and Sydney mumbles a small thank you. And then we hear banging on the door and Zayn saying " Sydney please I'm sorry it was a mistake I didn't mean it can we please talk about this?" None of us respond we just ignore it and envelope Sydney in a hug. After about 10 minutes of Zayn yelling and banging in the door Sydney gets up and starts walking towards the door opens it and starts yelling " GO AWAY ZAYN YOU HURT ME AND NO IT WAS NOT A MISTAKE OR YOU WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT AND YOU KNOW WHAT I AM GLAD WE NEVER KISSED OR RELEASED THAT WE WERE DATING TO THE PUBLIC BECAUSE WE ARE OVER."

Then she slammed the door in his face and came back and hugged us.

Liam POV

Niall and I were about to go in our room when we hear Sydney yelling when we see her and Zayn she has makeup all over her face and she has been crying and I hear her yell something about they are over and she slams the door in his face. The thing is he doesn't look as upset as we would think he would then he goes back to his room. We go and knock on Louis and Harry's room and tell them it us and they let us in. " what happened while we were gone?" Niall asks then Louis explains everything that happens while Sydney just cries in Harry's chest. Then we all give her a group hug. Then she decides to go to sleep and Harry tells her to take his bed he will bunk with Louis. The boys and I just talk quietly about everything that happened and try to figure out why Zayn did it. When we hear Sydney " have you guys seen my phone i can sleep an I need to call izzy I don't care what time it is there I need a girl to talk to" I hand her the phone and she goes towards the bathroom.

Izzy POV

I wake up to my phone ringing who is calling at this time it's like 3 in the morning I look at the caller ID and see it's Sydney


Izzy- hello

Sydney- *crying* izzy I need you

Izzy- Sydney what's wrong * worried panicking voice*

Sydney- Zayn *sniff* cheated *sniff* on me *sniff*

Izzy- WHAT WHERE IS HE I WANT TO GIVE HIM A PEICE Of MY MIND. Wait don't y'all share a room where are you at?

Sydney- he is in * sniff* his room *sniff* I am staying with *sniff* Louis and Harry.

Izzy- ok Sydney hang in there I will be on the next flight there, now take the phone to one of the boys so I can give them instructions to keep him away from you.

Sydney- ok I love you izzy I will see you soon. Here is Louis.

End conversation

Once I got on the phone with Louis I told him to make sure Zayn does not come anywhere near her and to protect her and keep and eye on her because I have seen her after a break up and it's not pretty and this one will be worse cause this relationship lasted way longer and I also told him that I will be on the next flight to Italy. Once I hang up I book a flight and start packing. When I get to the airport I check in and wait for my flight. After a while I board my plane and set off to comfort my best friend.

*************** after flight

Once I came out my terminal I see Louis in his butler outfit and his sign so I walk over and we head to the car where Paul is. On the way to the hotel I ask Louis how Sydney is doing and where she was. " she is with Harry and she is not good she cried herself to sleep last night, but one good thing is instead of refusing to eat she is eating a lot even though it's junk food, but hey it's something." Once we get to the hotel we get my bag and walk quickly to Louis and Harry's room when he gets the door unlocks Harry is holding a crying Sydney, but as soon as she sees me she sprints towards me and I engulf her in a hug. I walk us over to the bed and sit down and just hug her tight and rub her back while telling her everything is going to be ok he just wasn't the one for you and like you always say there is a reason for everything no matter how bad the situation is. She looks up at me and says " but what could the reason for this possibly be?" I reply with"I don't know Syd maybe it's just like the song bless the broken road says maybe he was just a northern star pointing you to your true love" she looks at me with sad eyes and with a small smile and says thank you. I nod and hug her again.

Sydney POV

Once izzy came said what she said I felt a lot better. She has always known how to make me feel better after a while one of the boys comes over sympathetic and "says it's time to go to the arena for the concert" I sigh and get up and grab my bag and we head to the car Zayn is already in there he sees me and looks upset but just ignore him I avoid all eye contact with him izzy on the other hand gives him a death glare. Izzy, harry and I are in the very back, I front of us is Liam,Louis and Niall and then Zayn is in the front with Paul thank goodness. Paul still unaware if what happened two nights ago looks very confused about why izzy is here and why Zayn and I are not sitting near each other like we always do. Thankfully though he doesn't ask any questions. Once we get to the arena izzy and I go to my dressing room and Lou comes in and sees me I guess I still have makeup smeared on my face from this afternoon. She asks me what is wrong but I don't feel like explaining so I look at izzy and she understand and starts telling Lou what happened while she does my hair and makeup. Once she knows the whole story she decides that we should show Zayn what he lost so she does my makeup and hair a little different and chooses a beautiful dress with legging a and a pair of flats. When I come out with the outfit on Izzy and Lou look at each other smiling then high five and say their work is done and then we walk toward the stage I see the boys not including Zayn and when they see me their eyes widen and and Louis yells " Sydney you look amazing, Lou you have finally out done yourself." Then the rest of the boys say that I look beautiful and that makes me smile and I hug them an thank them all then Zayn comes out and sees me and just like the rest of the boys his eyes widen but I just ignore him. When it is finally time to go on stage I hug everyone but Zayn and run on stage putting a fake smile on. " HELLO MILAN HOW ARE YOU TONIGHT" as usual I get met with screams and I start singing " see me now" by little mix and after that I sing "fix a heart" by Demi lovoto, and then "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift. After my three songs I say goodnight and introduce the boys and run off at they run on.

Zayn POV

When I walked out of my dressing room and backstage and saw Sydney I was in shock she looked gorgeous and all I could think it what have I done. I walk over but she just ignores me but of course I don't blame her I would ignore me too. He hugs Izzy and the boys and runs on stage. And then when she sings fix a heart I know it's because of me and I feel even more guilty.

Authors note: hey guys I hope you likes this chapter. Please comment and tell me how you think I did on my first drama scene. And also thoughts go out to Pa

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