Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


8. Graduation

Zayn POV

Sydney and I were walking around the mall when she gasped and ran for a store I looked up and realized it was build-a-bear workshop I just shook my head and laughed. But I know she loves stuffed animals and she has a whole collection of them. I walk in and find her looking at all the new animals they had. She was looking at this brown bunny and smiling then she looked at me and said I used to have this one but then I gave it to a little girl who had always wanted a build-a-bear, it was named Penelope sometimes I wish I still had it but I know it was the right thing to do by giving to her she smiled. I smiled at the fact of how sweet she was she is so kind hearted and that's one of the many reasons I fell for her. After we left there we walked around a little more before getting something to eat an heading back to the house.

Well I know what I am getting her for her graduation present.

Sydney POV

When we got back to the house the boys and izzy were in the pool so Zayn and I changed and decided to join them when we got out side I ran and did a cannon ball into the pool splashing every one which they returned when I came back up. Zayn was sitting over at the side with his feet in the water so I went over to him with a donut flout and said get in he smile and jumped in the flout and I pulled him to the middle where everyone else was.


After we got out of the pool we all went inside and it was about 5:00 so izzy and I decided to start making dinner well I made dinner she just say there and watched I was making tacos. After a while izzy asks " so what did Zayn want to ask you last night?" So I told her about him asking me if I wanted to go on tour with him and the boys and I told her that I haven't answered him yet that I didn't know she just looked at me like I was insane and said " woman this is an amazing opportunity you can't pass this up go!" I just looked at her and said but what about you and Skyler to which she replied " don't worry about us we will be fine go" I smiled and said ok I will go but I still have to talk to my mom about it. Finally dinner was ready and we called the boys and they all came running and we sat down and ate I got many compliment on my cooking which made me happy. After dinner izzy left she had to go home because her mom wanted her home. But I stayed a little longer after a while I finally had to leave I hugged the boys by and gave Zayn a kiss on the cheek which he returned. And I headed home. When I got home I was greeted by my over excited puppy she is a black lab and her name is Perrie. I then go and greet my mom and tell her about Zayn asking me to go on tour and if she thinks I should go and just like izzy she said this was a huge opportunity that I should go. I smile and give her a huge hug and then I get ready for bed because it's been a long day and I'm tired.

...........graduation day

So it's finally graduation day and I am so excited but nervous at the same time I mean this is one of the most important days in my school career. Right now I am on my porch waiting for my mom to finish getting ready since she and my brothers are riding with me, we are meeting the girls and the boys at the school. When she finally gets done we get in the car and I start driving towards the school. When we get there everyone else is already there I walk over them and we start talking since we still have a little while until we have to go to the football field.


It's finally time we all took our seats and they started calling names when they finally called my name I was so nervous I got up and started walking toward the stage thingy I shook their hands and they handed me my diploma I had a huge smile on my face as I walked back to my seat. After it was all over me, izzy, and Skyler met up with our parents and the boys and we went out to eat to celebrate. Were were just sitting around the table talking and laughing about everything that happened during the four years of high school.

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