Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


5. Chapter 5

Sydney POV

While Izzy and Louis continued jumping around from excitement of winning, the rest of us just sat down and started talking about random stuff. When Zayn asks " hey Sydney can I talk to you for a minute?" I said sure so we got up and walk over to the tree we met under and I asked " so what did you want to talk about?" Well I was um wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tomorrow night he said. I was so shocked and so happy but I kept my self together and said " I would love to" he smiled and said ok I will pick you up at 7 I nodded and then we walked back to the others. Once we got back izzy and Louis had rejoined the group. Skyler leaned over to me and whispered " so what did he have to talk to you about?" So I whispered back I will tell you later and she nodded.

Harry POV

We were all just sitting around talking, I was actually really surprised no one had noticed us yet, but hey I'm not complaining. But I honk I thought to soon because I just heard someone yell " OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!" We jumped up and told the girls to run. So we all started running for the parking lot. The girls got in there car and we got in our and locked he doors, we texted the girls and told them to follow us back to our place and so we went back home.

Izzy POV

When we got to the boys house we just kinda sat around talking and laughing. The asked us how school was going and of course we all said it was terrible because we hate school. Then we got to talking about football and how Sydney and I were on the school team. And how Sydney is in chorus and all of that kind of stuff. After a few hours of talking the girls and I left and headed to Sydney's because we are over there like every weekend. When we got there Skyler asked Sydney what Zayn had pulled her away from the group to ask her at the park. Sydney smiled and said " he asked me in a date tomorrow night he is picking me up at 7" then they both started screaming and jumping up and down, i mean yes I was excited about it but I don't fangirl over that kinda stuff. So then we got to talking about what she was going to wear and how we were going to do her hair and all. Then we decided to go to bed.

Sydney POV

The next morning the girls and I woke up to my mom asking us what we wanted for breakfast, so we told her what we wanted and she started making it for us and we sat round in the kitchen with my mom talking about my date tonight. The girls were going to stay here while I was on my date and spend the night again so yeah. After we ate we just kinda spent the rest of the day watching movies until about 6:00, so while I went to get a shower the girls and my mom got my outfit and the other stuff ready I told them no makeup though. When I got out they gave me my dress and I put it on and then they curled my hair and made a bow out of it. (I will put a pic of dress and the hair at the end of chapter) by the time they were done it was 6:55 so I had 5 minutes before he got here I was so nervous because even though I am 18 this is the very first date I have ever been on so yeah. The girls and I were just talking when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to see a smiling Zayn " you look beautiful" he said I blushed a little an said " thanks you don't look to bad your self" I could hear the girls behind me laughing. So I said bye to the girls and my mom and we were off he opened my door for me dug a gentleman. While we were going down the road I asked where we were going he said it was a surprise you'll just have to wait and see, I frowned and said fine like a little kid would he laughed at me.

Zayn POV

When we got to our destination I got out and walked over to Sydney's side and helped her out of the car and led her Down the path. When we got to the end of the path I took the blind off of her eyes to reveal and small picnic under two trees with lights hanging on them. She smiled a huge smile and said " Zayn I love it" we walked over to it and say down on the blanket and I took out the food and drinks. We sat there and talked and got to know each other Even better it was amazing. After we finished eating we just laid back and watched the stars. After a while we headed back to her house as much as I did not want this date to end it had to. When we got to her house I walked her up to her door and she said " I had a really great time tonight thank you" so did I replied. Then I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye.

Skyler POV

After about an hour of Sydney being gone on her date we heard people outside so of course Izzy, Sydney's mom and I ran to the window and watched as they talked for a minute and then he kissed her on the cheek we all looked at each other an smiled. When she came inside she had a huge smile on her face and we were all smiling at her. "So how did it go?" Her mom asked. She just smiled like an idiot and said " it was amazing!" And then she gave us all the details, it sounded like a really cute date and we were all happy for her.

Sydney POV

The date was absolutely amazing I had so much fun after I told the girls and my mom about it we all went to bed since we have school tomorrow.


Well it's been about a month and a half since we met the boys and it's been really Amazing. Zayn and I have been on about three dates they were all wonderful.Well today is Saturday so izzy and I have a football game (soccer game). Right before it was time to run out onto the field I got a text from Zayn it was a picture of him and the boys dressed up in disguises, they looked so funny I showed it to izzy and she laughed. It finally came time so we ran out onto the filed we immediately see our moms and Skyler but we are also surprised to see the boys in there disguises waving at us like crazy people. We smiled and proceeded to play.


The game was almost over I was about to take the shot when someone runs into me and makes me fall and they fall on top of me. All I felt was pain in my leg it hurt so bad. Izzy ran to me an asked me if I was ok I could not respond I was in to much pain. My coach asked me what was wrong all I could say was my leg hurt. Izzy helped me up and helped me to the bleachers where my mom was waiting along with Skyler and Zayn.

Zayn POV

As soon as that girl ran into Sydney and she fell and did not get back up I knew something was wrong. Izzy was immediately by her side along with her coach. After a minute izzy helped her up and helped her to to bleachers where Sydney's mother Tina, Skyler and I were waiting. I picked Sydney up bridal style and carried her to miss Tina's car and sat her in the back and I got in with her while Skyler and Tina got in the front and headed to the hospital. I asked Sydney how bad it hurt and she said it felt like it was broken. When we finally got there they took and x-Ray and confirmed that her leg was broken so she got a neon green cast put on her leg. When we got back in the car I asked her if I could be the first to sign her cast she nodded but what she did not realize Is I was not going to write something original on it I was going to ask a question. I wrote " will you be my girlfriend ? -Zayn" as she read it a huge smile came onto her face and she got the marker and wrote "yes- Sydney" I smiled and hugged her.

Sydney POV

Though my leg really hurt I was really happy. I loved the way Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend it was so random but unique and so sweet. I took a picture of it and sent it to skyler an izzy even though Skyler was in the front I just wanted to see her reaction.

Authors note : Hey guys hope you have enjoyed this chapter. Just wanted to apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes I have already made and the ones I will probably make in the following chapters sometimes I don't catch them when I proof read so sorry about that.

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