Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


4. Chapter 4

Zayn POV

After Skyler came back she said that it was fine that they could stay the night so we woke up Sydney and I gave her some of my clothes and Niall gave Skyler some of his. I told Sydney she could sleep in my room and Niall did the same with Skyler. Then we all went to bed. I showed her where my room was and then went to change. When I came back Sydney was already asleep so I laid down and warped my arms around her and she snuggled into my chest and I soon fell asleep.

Liam POV

The next morning I got up early to make sure the girls got up and had enough time to get back home and get ready for school. So I go to Zayn's room to wake them up and they are cuddled up to each other it's so adorable so I get my phone out and take a picture of them. Right as I am about to put my phone away Sydney wakes up and looks at me I just smile and say morning it's time to get up. I also ask her to wake Zayn up while I wake the others since we also have To be at the studio in and hour.

Sydney POV

The next morning I woke up to the sound of a picture being taken so I open my eyes and sit up and see Liam standing there he smiles at me and says good morning and says it's time to get up and then he asks me to wake Zayn while he wakes the others I nod and he leaves the room. So I turn back to Zayn and shake his shoulder while saying Zayn wake up. He just replies with mom just 5 more minutes. I laugh and hit him in the face with a pillow while saying I'm not your mom now get up. After that he gets up and looks around an when he sees me he smiles then we go down stairs and everyone is there eating breakfast. After we eat the amazing food Harry cooked Skyler and I start to go and change but the boys tell us we can just keep the clothes they have plenty more, so we say our goodbyes to the boys and head back to my house to get ready for school. The whole way home I saw Sky smelling Niall's shirt she was wearing I laughed a little but I think she was to busy smelling the shirt to notice, but of course I don't blame her zayn's shirt smelled really good as well. When we got back to my house we greeted my mom and then started getting ready and once we were we headed to school.

Izzy POV

I was already at school waiting for Skyler and Sydney to get here. When they finally showed up they seemed different they were not tired they were excited and happy they are never like this in the morning. So I asked why are you two so happy this morning and they just smiled and said nothing. Here we go with the secrets again, but instead of trying to get an answer I just let it slide. Soon we had to go to class so we went our separate ways.

Katie POV

After school ended the girls and I decided to go to the park an play some football ( soccer) so Sydney and Izzy could practice because they were on the school team. I don't see how they can do it so well but they can, Skyler is pretty good, and I am ok. I remember when we were younger Sydney would always bring her football (soccer ball) to my house when they all came over and we would all kick it back and forth to each other all four of us were horrible. I remember Sydney would back away from the ball and run up to kick it sometimes she would get it and sometimes she would miss completely, but no matter what we always have fun.

Louis POV

The lads and I were heading home from a long day at the studio. When we passed by the park I saw Sydney and Skyler playing football (soccer) with two other girls one with short black hair and one with short brown hair they were pretty good. I pointed them out to the boys. When we got home we were all watching tv.

Sydney POV

After the girls and I played football (soccer) for a while we all went home. When I got there I said hi to my mom, got something to eat and started homework. Once it was all done I started practicing my choral music because we have a concert coming up and yes I am on the football (soccer) team and in chorus it is a lot to handle but I can do it.


It was now friday afternoon and I had just gotten a text from Zayn asking if Skyler and I wanted to meet them at the park tomorrow I said sure and asked if the girls could come to they said sure so I called the girls and asked them if they wanted to go izzy said sure but Katie could not make it.

Niall POV

The lads and I are so excited we can't wait to see Skyler and Sydney again and they are bringing another friend of theirs Isabell was her name I think, but anyway I am excited to meet her tomorrow.


The lads and I are currently heading to the park to meet the girls. When we got there we did not see the girls so we just sat down and talked for a little while waiting for them to show up. When they finally got here Sydney said sorry we are late some of use slept in late and did not want to get up while looking at Skyler and a girl with short black hair. Then she said boys this is Isabell but we call her izzy, we all exchanged hellos and began talking and getting to know her.

Skyler POV

After the boys got to know izzy a little better Louis suggested we play some football (soccer). So we all agreed it was Me,Liam,Niall,and Harry against Sydney,Izzy,Louis,and Zayn. In the end we lost and they won izzy and Louis were jumping up and down being way to hyper and excited about it but it was really funny watching them go crazy over such a little thing.

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