Our Love Story

What will happen when Sydney meets her idols while they are on there break at there vacation house in the US. what will happen when she falls in love with one of them will she be able to handle everything that comes with dating a famous artist or will one of them break her heart? read and find out.


13. Chapter 13

Sydney POV

When we got back to the hotel from the concert izzy got a call from Skyler wondering why she wasn't in class, so she explained everything that happened while I call my mom because I am really close to my mom no matter how much she struggled she always made sure my brothers and I had what we needed, but anyway after I talked to my mom and izzy got done talking to Skyler I was going to go change out of my dress when izzy ran into the bathroom with her pjs saying " ha I win, I got here first" I couldn't help but laugh along with the boys. After we all changed we decided to watch a movie. They let me pick so of course we watched a Disney movie. Pocahontas 1 and 2 After the movies ended we decided to go to sleep. The next morning I am awaken by someone hitting me in the face with a pillow and people jumping on my bed singing it's time to get up. I open my eyes and see izzy holding a pillow about to hit me again and Louis and Harry smiling at me while jumping and singing, but before she hits me I grab the pillow and hit her with it and then we all end up having a pillow fight and laughing our heads off. After our pillow fight izzy throws some clothes at me and tells me to get dressed were going out for a girls day " do we have to, can't we just stay here eat ice cream and watch movies?" And of course she says no so I slowly get up and go get ready.

Izzy POV

When Sydney is finally ready we say bye to the boys and walk out the hotel room when we come out we run into Zayn in the hall way he try's to talk to Sydney but I glare at him and lead her away before she gets upset and starts crying again. We walk a few blocks to this little cafe the boys told me about for breakfast. The food there was so good. Then after breakfast we go to some shops and buy some stuff I make Sydney try some dresses on she is currently trying on a blue one that has a little cape in the back when she comes out the dressing room I am blown away because it looks so gorgeous on her " is it bad" she asks I shake me head and say " you look amazing in this dress!" Then I take a picture and when she goes to change I grab the same dress in the same size and go pay for it so I can give it to her as a surprise. Because what she doesn't know is that the boys have the AMAs coming up and they are taking her with them. She won't be happy about it but oh well. After we leave we go buy some other stuff and then we do a little sight seeing until we decide to head back to the hotel.

Liam POV

The boys and I are all sitting in mine and Niall's room talking well except Zayn he refuses to talk to anyone just stays locked in his room. " so when should we tell Sydney about the AMAs?" Niall asks " well I think we should tell her today giving the fact that it's in a few days and izzy Is making sure she gets a dress today" Louis says. So we decide to tell her when they get back so until then we just watch some football (soccer). After a while we hear a knock on the door so I go and open it and see izzy and Sydney they come in and we all look at izzy and she gives us a thumbs up while Sydney's not looking and then Harry says " so Sydney we have an award nomination at the 2016 AMAs coming up in a few days and we want you to come, so what do you think?" She just looks at us like we are crazy and then looks at izzy and says " this is why you forced me to try on all those fancy dresses wasn't it" izzy just smiles along with us then Sydney says " I don't know boys I've never been to one of these things and I don't even have a dress and plus it's going to be a bit awkward with Zayn." Then Louis says " I thought you got a dress today izzy said you got one?" Then we all look at the smirking izzy and a not amused Sydney who says " you bought that blue one while I was changing didn't you?" But izzy just continues to smirk while nodding. "Fine I'll go"Sydney says and we all cheer. But when we ask to see the dress izzy says no not until the AMAs, and we all groan.

AUTHORS NOTE: hey guys I'm so sorry I have not updated in a while I just got a new phone and it took me a little while to figure out the app it's a bit different on my new phone so yeah. I hope you all at a great Christmas. I hope you like this chapter.

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