I wished now i have

When her parents divorce Charm has a ruff life. Her mom loses work charm must live with her dad. After leaving her mom she has to find a way to trust a man who left 2 years ago without a goodbye. Will she learn to trust?


2. Him

Our lawyer walks towards us.

"Mary" he calls my mother that 

"Im really sorry".

"Its not your fault" she says looking down "I should have got a permanent job"

"I can't take this anymore" I mumble then i burst 

"This is someones fault it isn't yours" I point to my mom "Or yours I point to my lawyer Sam"

"The person to be blamed for this is him" 

"My own father he left us and he now is taking me from you this is NOT your fault" I point all around me to the people gaping "Don't ever say it is".

I look down take a deep breath hold it then breathe normally "Lets go home so i can pack" I say

"Ok" my mom says she gives Sam a hug and turns to me "Lets go"

We drive in silence then......

"Charm I want you to know why your father left"


"Do you want to know"

"You have known this and never told me"

"Yes charm"

"Why didnt you think i wanted to know"

"Don't talk to me like that young lady you don't have that right"

Fine..... i think then i won't talk at all

"Charmelle I'm sorry"

people need to learn sorry doesn't fix anything I almost say

"I look down its fine"

"Charm do you want to go with him even just a little bit"

"Um no I don't even know him that well anymore he left he didn't even say bye"

"Charm he was mad he didn't think"



"So now your defending him he left you too"

"Charmelle he did leave me to but that doesn't give you a right to bring it up or judge your father."

"Your husband you mean"

"Well you have to live with him get used to it"!

"Why would you.........." I'm not talking anymore i think

"Were here you have to leave tomorrow so get your stuff together"

I strongly dislike him and now i have to see him i wonder how that is going to go.

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