I wished now i have

When her parents divorce Charm has a ruff life. Her mom loses work charm must live with her dad. After leaving her mom she has to find a way to trust a man who left 2 years ago without a goodbye. Will she learn to trust?


1. Prologue

I was 16 when it happened I was told i had to move to the Florida seashore to live with my father. This was huge because i always lived with my mother because my parents were split, and apparently couldn’t stand to live in the same town let alone state together. 


Before all this i lived in Maine with my mother and 2 german shepherds lucky, and Ava. Here i was happy i had one friend i wasn’t a weirdo but then i wasn’t cool.


I was a loner before i met Jasmine i was 14 and i didn’t care about friends and didn’t understand why you would share all your business with them. She found me alone under a tree two weeks after my parents had split. I was crying my eyes out and a girl with long, wavy hair leans down to match eye level.


Reaches out to me and takes my hand she pulls me up and walks me over to a bench.

Saying “sit” she sits beside me and ask what was wrong.


I don’t know why but i told her everything and pushing it off my chest felt like a breath of fresh air. I trusted her and her me. Everyday after she would be kind to me even though everyone else ignored me pretending i didn’t exist she cared and became fast friends.


My mom was so happy i finally made a friend she did anything sleepovers, parties, mall trips, and even the spa. I was known as the party girl at school no everybody liked me, but not everybody hated me. I wasn’t alone i had somebody i felt stronger and free.


Then everything changed my mom lost her job and she was labeled 'unfit' to have custody of me. She lost her job she didn’t get paid a good sum even when she did have a job. All the money she had she gave to my welfare she made sure i was okay before she helped herself.When she lost her job and was out of work for two months she got money from My Grandma, and my father who was paying for me.


We went to trail October, 7 2014 i saw my dad who i haven’t seen in over a year.


He looked grim and pale but i felt little sympathy he left me without a goodbye, an i love you, a be safe, Or a stay strong.



 He just walked out of the door slammed it shut and my mom went to her room and cried for 3 hours. When she came out she opened her arms to me I ran to them and buried my head in her chest

“i love you, i whispered”

“I love you to” she held me then step back

“Charm" she said 

“Your father he Isn’t coming back I’m sorry he loves you I’m sure he does. He will always love his baby girl and he will see you again. I hope you understand this is because he no longer loves me not you baby he will always love you.”

"What about you mom doesn’t he love you to"

 “Maybe baby somewhere deep in his heart”.


“But for now its goodbye".

"But b—ut-ut-ut I sputter trying to form the word"

“but he di–dn’t say bye to me he didnt even lo-ok at me".

"Charmelle Im so sorry he still loves you." 

With that she wraps her arm around me and pulls me in her lap while sitting on the sofa.

"He will return" she whispers i promise.


I’m looking at this man who left me almost 2 years ago who never told me why.

I shudder and realize i must go live with him.

The judge pounds the hammer on the desk

“Charmelle Victoria Golden will live with her father until her mother is fit to be the proper guardian”.

My mother cries and says "I’m sorry I’m so very sorry".

“Mom” i say no answer mother i try no answer just blubbering tears.

"Mommy" i say like a small child

She looks at me with her tear stained face

“Be strong i say i love you and i will come back don’t worry and this” I motion around us

“Is not your fault we both know that” i hug her and hold her hand and walk back to the car.

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