If You're Smart, Prove It! (An Online Game Show, Episode 1)

"If You're Smart, Prove It" is a game show in words! It's central to questions full of riddles, poems, brain teasers, and much more. Hope you enjoy!


1. Introduction

Hi everyone,

This is IsaacBearAmmonPumpkinn here. I have started my own quiz show, like on TV. Yay! There will be three questions on each episode. We hope you'll like the show. Welcome to If You're Smart, Prove It! I hope you will stay with me throughout the trilogy.

Whoever gives the correct answers will be the contestants for episode 2. For now, answers are open to everyone who wishes to apply. Try to see if you can be my contestants.

If you're smart!

P.S. Brace yourself to get your comment deleted so the rest of the line won't copy you. I will save it in a permanent draft at the end of the book.

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