Loving and Leaving


1. Chapter 1

3rd Person

Ally Dawson looked down at the three white sticks in front of her. "I'm not pregnant," she muttered to herself. "I mean, tons of people have to try dozens of times to have kids. What's the odds that me, a seventeen year old girl could get prefabricated only one Time." She grabbed the tests and scurried into the bathroom. She took all the tests and set the timer for five minutes. She waited for what seemed like hours and finally she decided that the timer would go off any minute now so she took a peep. Twelve seconds. That's how long she'd been waiting for. She tried to take her mind off it by looking at a magazine, but it didn't work because it had something about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges' baby, George, in it. She looked again at the timer and saw that two minutes had passed. Then she decided to watch some T.V but that was a total disaster as 16 and pregnant was on and that's what she might be. Now she had 90 seconds remaining. She picked up a book but it almost frightened the life out of her as Bella almost died giving birth to Renesmee. She only had 10 seconds left so she decided to just wait them out. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,3,1, BEEP. The said wailed like a siren and Ally had to cover her ears although the sound was no louder than a whisper. Finally, the tests were ready. But now that the time was hear, she wasn't sure if she wanted to look, in fear of it being bad news. She spent a few seconds going over pros and cons in her head and she decided to take a look. After all, it was going to be negative, right? She edged over and her whole life flashed before her eyes because positive is what it said.


I started choking on my tears. This couldn't be happening, my record was about to come out, and Austin was getting really big. How could we let this happen. Maybe the test was wrong? Maybe it was a glitch? I wanted to go to the doctors to confirm my pregnancy but to do that I'd have to tell my dad which I'll do when Dez gets 100% in an algebra test. I know, I'll call Trish. I rang Trish' s number but no one answered so I decided to text her instead.

Ally: Trish, I really need to talk to U. Super important. R U busy?

Trish: Well, I'm working so no

Ally: u c...well...the thing is...okay

Trish: come on,tell me A

ALLY: Well, I'm pregnant with Austin's Child

Trish: OMG A what r u gonna do? Will you give it up for adoption or

Ally: I'm not doing an abortion

Trish: Then what r u gonna do?

Ally: I wanna keep it but then again I congressman harm Austin's career. Mine's already down the drain and I don't want the sane thing to happen to him. This will get him bad publicity. I cannot that to him, which leaves me with one door. I have to run away.

Trish: What Ally? No!

Ally: I'm sorry Trish but I have to do this. One day if you become a parent you might understand. CAN you please just promise me that you won't tell anyone why I left, especially Austin.

Trish: I promise

Ally: thank you. I also have to delete my Twitter and instances accounts, change my name and get a new number so that no one can find me which means that this will be the last time I can talk to you. Goodbye Trish

I turned my phone off. I grabbed a bag from the attic and chucked a myriad of clothes and a wad of cash into it. I then took a photo of me and Austin and stuffed it in my Jean pocket. I then went down the stairs, snuck passed my dad (who was watching the golf), grabbed my jacket and got in my car. I sped out of my house and onto the highway. I didn't know where I was going, because I couldn't see the road signs past my tears.

Austin POV

I arrived at Sonic Boom to talk to Ally about writing a new song for her. I felt bad that we always spend so much time on my career as she has her own now to worry about.

When I walked into Sonic Boom, I noticed that the sign said closed. I went in and saw Trish and Lester Dawson talking and crying in the cornor. Then I heard them mention Ally's name. I edged closer and asked "what's wrong?" Lester Dawson didn't say anything. Then Trish finally managed to get herself together and said " aaally rrran awway." I froze on the spot. Ally was gone! I wanted to run and try and find her, but I couldn't because I couldn't move. Grief had taken over me. I felt my vision going blurry and my legs started to give way. The the world seemed to spin round and round, Trishs' words echoing in my head. I closed my eyes. I'd never been a very religious person, but I prayed. Prayed with everything I had that I would wake up in my bed, meaning it was all a dream. I then opened my eyes and saw Sonic Boom and Trish and Lester Dawson, crying there eyes out. Maybe they were joking. To find out I said "I don't understand." "Off course you understand Austin, it's words." Snapped Trish. "I've heard you speak Spanish but I don't understand that." "You little" began Trish "sorry, I'm just really upset." How could I forget, Ally was gone.

When I got home, my mum asked how the songwriting with Ally went. That's when I broke down crying, telling her everything that happened, not caring that I was letting the Mississippi flow out. At the end my mum came and gave me a hug. It was more of a 'I'm so sorry your upset' hug than 'I know what your going through and it hurts' hug, although I already knew that, because no one in the world knows what I'm going through. We were two in a billion. We have a better chance of being struck by lightning than finding someone that can replace one another. I had no idea how I was going to cope.

I decided to pull myself together over Ally so I went for a walk around Miami Mall. I was about to walk into Banana Republic when I saw Old Man George. Old Man George was the creep in our neighbourhood. He goes around singing songs songs about a girl called Maia. I was really bored with shopping so I decided to go and listen to him. His song wasn't actually that bad.

Maia come back to me

Over from Tenessee

Or back from New Mexico

Or possibly Ohio

Wherever you are in the world

Just know that you are my girl

Know that whatever you do

I will come and find you

That's when I realised what I would become if I just lay around grieving. I knew what I have to do. I made my plan, packed a bag and grabbed some money. I put it all in my car and drove away. Before I left, I posted a song I'd been writing on my website.

If there's an ocean, it's just a puddle, that I've gotta get across

Any mountain, I'll climb over, like a kid on the monkey bars

I know your out there somewhere

I know you miss me just like I miss you

No matter what I'll get there

And you know I'll never stop

I'm gonna run, run, run, run, run, run, I'm gonna run to you

I'm gonna run, run, run, run, run, run, I'm gonna run to you

You know I'll find you I'm never far behind you

I swear these words are true

I'm gonna run, run, run, run, run, run, I'm gonna run to you

Can you hear me, hear me calling

I know sometimes it's rough

But just keep on, keep believing when you don't feel strong enough

I know you're out there somewhere

I know you love me just like I love you

Know matter what I'll get there

And you know I'll never stop

I'm gonna run, run, run, run, run, run, I'm gonna run to you

I'm gonna run, run, run, run, run, run, I'm gonna run to you

You know I'll find you I'm never far behind you

I swear these words are true

I'm gonna run, run, run, run, run, run, I'm gonna run to you

At the end of the video I posted the words 'I'm coming to find you Ally, I'm coming to find you.'

Ally POV

I pulled into a gas station in a place called Manchester-on-the-sea in Massachusetts. I got out my car and grabbed my bag. It was the middle of the night and raining. The water probably made me look like a mop but I didn't care. I had ran away and left Austin behind. Nothing cared anymore.

Suddenly, something hit me. I say something because it was so dark I couldn't see a thing. It hit me again. Now this 'thing' was trying to grab my bag. It then punched my and I felt the world go blurry and rock from side to side. The last thing I saw was a dark silhouette driving away in my car. I was now alone in the middle of the night, I had no idea were I was and no money and no way of contacting anyone. That night I cried myself to sleep. I remember being only able to think of one thought that night. 'I wish Austin were here'.

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