The Last Fall

This is a story I wrote when I was in a dark place, and when I looked at my love, I got inspired for this. This is my way of saying there is someone out there, when everything seems wrong and dark. That is one of the reasons why I had left “the person” without gender.


1. Don't Give Up

She was just standing there at the top of the tall building. The view from there was breath taking. Absolute outstanding. She spread out her arms as her white nightdress was push back by the strong wind. Her eyes closed and she only listened to the cars underneath her that seemed so far away. Even lights from the city was faint in the dark cold night. She lifted her left foot as she took another step to the close edge. Her right foot lifted and was ready to take the last step. Everything seemed to peaceful and the wind was gently caressing her body and hair. The low voices in the dark purred. Take another step, they said.Just one more st..


She opened her eyes in shock as she came back to the reality, but it was too late. She lost balance and the wind was taking her in it’s embrace. She closed her eyes in the sudden fear of falling. She was absolute sure that this was it. It was ov..
A strong grip was around her wrist and wet drops fell on her face.

“Don’t! Please stay! Stay and live! I BEG YOU!”

She looked at the one holding her wrist, but didn’t seem to recognize either the voice or the face that was drenched in tears. She only knew that this person was more than important to her. The person was using all strength in her or his body to keep her from falling, but the person wasn’t strong enough to pull her all the way back safe on the rooftop. She had a choice. Would she use her strength to climb up or would she just hang on till the person couldn’t hold her any longer?
“I’m sorry” she said with voice that wasn’t much loader than a whisper and suddenly felt the tears came down from her eyes, fell along her cheeks.

“NO! Help me! I love you!”

She starred in the persons eyes and the person still fighting to believe that this wasn’t the end.
“I love you, too” she whimpered.

“Don’t leave me! Please fight!”

The grip was slowly getting loosed. The person was losing strength. She closed her eyes. Believing now that this was the end she suddenly saw a small light. It wasn’t more than a dim, but definitely a light. She felt her own body moved. Her hands took hold on the edge and her feet fought to find a place to stand, so she could push herself  back up. Her eyes were open, but she couldn’t see, only feel.
She could feel how she was moving, not falling. She felt a strong force clutch her and by the figure she felt against her body it was the person.
“I’m sorry” she sobbed and her lips kept repeating the words over and over again. 

“It’s okay.. shh.. It’s okay.. I know we will get through this together.. I just know it..”

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