Pregnant at eighteen, WHAT?

What happens when Dancy Spears finds out she pregnant?

How can she deal with having a baby and school as well?

To make matters worse Dancy can't remember what happened or how she got into this situation...

Add a boyfriend, a protective older brother, a best friend and a bad boy.

Dancy's world turns upside down


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Dancy's P.O.V

I can't believe he just got up and left me like that, he knows it's his so why is he saying it's not?, does he regret it and wants to believe that he did use protection?. Am I really that bad that he would lie? All these thoughts were going through my head.

I still don't understand why he would just walk away, is this the end of our relationship? I haven't moved from the same spot since Marcus left me about an hour ago. It may be raining but at this moment in time I couldn't care, I'm still in a state of shock that he left me here all alone.

I felt two arms wrap around my waist and pick me up, I was shocked did Marcus come back for me? Did he finally see sense? To answer that question no he did not the two arms I felt belonged to no other than Hunter James.

Why is he helping me? I'm not complaining but that's a bit weird if you ask me. He wrapped his arms around me and brought me down on the bench, he made me turn around to face him and I buried my head in his chest and started sobbing again.

Why is this happening to me? Why did I end up falling pregnant? What will I do with college? Will Marcus come around and be there for me? I can only hope.

Hunter's P.O.V 

She pulled away from my hug, "Marcus can I speak to you alone?", she said and walked away with him, I knew something was up because of her posture and shit, so I couldn't help but follow them outside.

I overheard their whole conversation I cannot fucking believe Dancy is pregnant and he had the nerve to knock her up and the deny it what a low life fuck. I turned around to leave when I heard Dancy let out a loud sob and I turned back to see what happened.

There she was sitting on the ground sobbing her little heart out over Marcus fucking Walsh. I saw that Marcus was heading my way so I took off running into the school and kept the same pace trying to find another way to get out the school to go see Dancy.

It took me an hour to find another way out a fucking hour when I finally found a way out I ran as fast as I could to get to Dancy, I found her in the same spot she was in an hour ago. I walked up to her and put my arms around her and lifted her up and sat down on the bench with her and faced her towards me, she started sobbing again and buried her head in my chest. She looked so vulnerable and it made me hold her even tighter than I had before and let her have my shoulder to cry on. I felt like I had to protect her and make sure she is safe and her unborn child.

Dancy's P.O.V

He held me and let me cry and I couldn't be more grateful but I needed the one person I knew I could count on, no not Wyatt but big brother Noah, I pull away from Hunter and take my things and stand up.

"Thank you for your help, but I think I'm going to find my brother and tell him what has happened I'll see you around"

With that said I started running up to the school to get my things out of my locker and started heading towards the exit of the school, I pulled out my phone and phoned Noah.

"Hello?", he said after three rings

"Hey, I'm on my way home I need to talk to you about something", I stated

"Okay, I don't have any classes so I'll see you when you get home. Bye little sis love you"

"Okay speak to you then, I love you too big brother. Bye".

I hung up and sent a quick text to Wyatt saying that I got sent home and I will see him tomorrow, he replied with a quick 'Okay'.



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