Pregnant at eighteen, WHAT?

What happens when Dancy Spears finds out she pregnant?

How can she deal with having a baby and school as well?

To make matters worse Dancy can't remember what happened or how she got into this situation...

Add a boyfriend, a protective older brother, a best friend and a bad boy.

Dancy's world turns upside down


8. Chapter Seven (Part Two)

"Yeah we aren't friends, but at least I know who I slept with."

I wanted to die right there and then. I turned around and did what I knew I could and I slapped him as hard as I could.

"You of all people were the only one I trusted with that information..."  


Hunter looked shocked, Paris looked shocked hell everyone looked shocked. That the great Hunter James actually got hit let alone a pregnant girl.

"I can't believe you just hit my boo", Paris said

Did she just say what I think she said. I burst out laughing and turned to Hunter.

"Now you think I'm jealous of that? boo", I said grinning 

"Paris for the last time, you aren't my girlfriend, your just one of those girls who's there for fun, you will never be my girlfriend", I was shocked he could of said it in a nicer way.

I didn't want to hear where this argument was going so I turned and began walking until I  couldn't be seen and continued to my next class.


I didn't make it to class, I was stuck in an empty classroom with Hunter. Don't ask me how I got there I have no clue all I know is he locked the door and isn't letting me out anytime soon.

"Hunter what the hell are you doing!"

"I'm doing what I should of done"

"What would that be?"

"We're going to get you to remember what happened the night you got pregnant"

"Why would we do that when we already know what happened and who the dad is"

"No you don't"

What is he saying, I know who the father is. So why is he trying to think someone else is the father.

"Hunter are you calling my a slut"

"No not at all"

"You just said that Hunter and if I'm a slut explain to me why I've only slept with one person"


"Right you are being stupid now"

"Dancy I'm not being stupid because I wouldn't say anything if it weren't true"

"What are you saying Hunter"

"I'm saying I know who the father of your baby is"

"So does everyone but the father doesn't believe it, now if you don't mind let me out of this room"

"If you leave this room I'll tell everyone that it wasn't just at the party we have been seeing each other"

"Hunter you promised you wouldn't say anything, you said at the party what we had was over"

"I lied Dancy, I can't stop thinking about you"

"Hunter I'm sorry but I have to go"

"Fine go but I'm telling everyone"

I opened the door about to leave when I heard the most dreadful words ever

"Who are they going to believe Dancy? The girl who is knocked up or the infamous badboy?"

I continued my way out of the classroom and towards the front of the school, I need to get out of this place.


Marcus Bloor has changed his status from in a relationship to single

Hunter James updated his status

I know I shouldn't look but I can't help myself, I click the notification and I'm mortified to see he's changed his profile picture as well to a picture of him and THREE girls. I scroll down to see what his post was. I was shocked truly was.

I never thought I would ever get the chance to love anyone as much as I love you and have loved you since our first date on new years eve,  but I can't wait to have a family with you! I love you SuperStar until we are finally free  

Did he just do that, why would he do that but change his photo to that. Not that important Dancy you promised yourself you wouldn't go back there, but what if he's the dad what am I going to do.

I decide the best thing to do was to talk to Hunter about this, as I pulled up at his house i was determined not to fall for his looks, I knocked on his door, he opened the door but everything was forgotten about and I did the only I knew I could and kissed him.

Author's Note - So I know it's been along time but I'm back and ready to write again, even though this chapter took me five days to write but it's all good. So what did you think of Hunter's revelation? What do you think Dancy should do? THEY KISSED did see that one coming...


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