My cousins best friend

zoe moves in with her cousin and meets her one true love.


1. Him

zoes (pov)


I woke up to a beep beep i terned around and waved my arm around till i hit my alarm clock and it stopped. i got up and undressed and hoped in the shower.when i got out i blow dry and curl my hair. then put on  my favorite top on that showed my belly button and said i love 5sos. 5sos is my favorite band. my favorite member is luke he is so cute with his blue eyes and perfect hair. the best bit was ash was my cousin.i put my black skinny jeans on the ran down stirs grabbed a apple from the kitchen table and ran back up stairs. i ate my apple and started to pack. my dad died 2 months ago and my mum got a job in Canada but will be trailing all around the world so i have to go live with my cousin ask and his mum in Australia Sydney his dad is my mums brother he is gong with her to Canada. i carnt wait i never met my cousin befor i was NOT going to miss new York i had no friends and i got bulled.  

"Zoe hurry up we are going to be late" my mum shouts 


we get in the car and drive to the airport 

"Australia Sydney now boarding " the person on the speaker said

we get on the plane and i fall a sleep it was a long flite. then i heard some thing i waved my arm around then hit some thing.

"ow" my mum squealed 

"sorry mum" i said 

we got of the plane got are bags got in too a cab and drove to this big 2 story house it was so cool. 

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