My cousins best friend

zoe moves in with her cousin and meets her one true love.


2. chapter 2

i for got to tell you who i am im called zoe im 16 im tall with brown hair and blond tips. i have a tongue piercing that my mum hates but i love it my favorite band is 5 seconds of summer and if i had to describe my self in one word it woude be insane.


me and my mum got out the car and grabbed are things. we walked up to the door and knocked a tall blond/brown curl hair dude came to the door.

"hi you mussed be zoe " he said looking at me i smiled and said

"thats me" he smiled back at me 

we walked in to be greeted bye a blond woman as she gave me a hug

"its great to see u " she said

"its nice to meet u mrs irwin" i said politely 

"call me aunt anne " said smiling 

"why dont i help you with your bags and show you to your room" ash said with a great big smile 

i followed him up stairs and down the hall we came done to a room and went in it was baby blue with white love hearts on it it was so cool i loved it.

"do you like your room"ash asked

"I love it thank you2 i said smileing 

i went down stairs to say bye to my mum and uncle 

"bye love you mum" i said as she hugged me and walked out the door 

"ow bye the way  i love you shirt" he said smiling 

"thank you i love your band there great"i said a bit to exited 

"thank you were did you get that top from" he asked 

" i made it my self" 

"cool i will let you unpack" he said walking in to the kitchen 

i went up stairs and started unpacking and listing to 5sos then i heard giggling  from out side i open the door and a ashton falls on top of me 

" ow sorry" he said geting up

"its fine " i said as anne shouts from down stairs 

"ash when are your friends coming over" she asked 

"friends" i asked 

"ye my friends how are also in the band are coming and sleeping over tonight" he said as he ran down stairs 

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