My cousins best friend

zoe moves in with her cousin and meets her one true love.


5. 5

 we sat down at the table and ate breakfast then i left the boys and went up stairs i was listing to music then i hear a knock on the door 

"come in" i shout

luke walked in and sat on my bed nexet to me

"hey you ok" luke asked

"ye im fine"

"good em"

"are you ok"

"ye i was just wondering if you ..em maybe wonted to go em out some time maybe" he slowly but finally said

"sure i wound love to"i said blushing a bit so i was looking at the floor

"cool are you coming down stirs"

"no im going to stay up hear"

"ok il pick you up at 7 tomorrow"

k sounds great" i say as i smile at him

he walked out my room and i coude hear him going down stairs and then i freaked out luke hemmings asked me out and we are going out tomorrow what am i going to wear wear are we going. i started to panic on what to wear and where we will be going. when i final went down stairs to make dinner. i odder pizza for every one then go shopping for something to wear tomorrow.

i was there for hours but finally i picked some blue skinny jeans and a black top that had a red love hart and showed of my belly button. when i got back home ever one had gone home and ashton  was asleep on the couch so i put a cover over him then went up stairs got in to my pjs then when my head hit the pillow i went out like a lite bolb. it was a busy day for me.


thx for reading soz for not up dating i will try update on saterday. go check out my other book camp plz thank you guys 


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