My cousins best friend

zoe moves in with her cousin and meets her one true love.


4. 4

after hanging out with ash and the guys i went in to my room and got in to my pjs. i was laid in bed and count get to sleep so i went down stairs to get a cookie and a bottle of favoured water and went to sit down in the dark living room.i count see a thing i final found the sofa and sat down on something i quickly jump up and hear some one talking.

"zoe is that you you scared me haft to death " i hear some one giggle i think it was luke

"luke is that you"


"what are you doing down hear"i ask

"i count sleep you"


i sat down beside him and hand him 1 of my cookies and we wear sat in silence we fell asleep.

i woke and felt some ones arms on my waist i looked up to see luke i was on his chest. he looked so peace full i didnt wont to wake him up so i quitely got up and went to my room and put my short shorts on and a white top that showed my belly button some make up and my high tops and went down stairs. i walked in to the kitchen and saw ash cal and mike.

"can you wake up luke for us"ash begged 

"il try"i said walking out of the room and in to the living room 

i started shacking luke and he just pulled me in to a hug. i tried to move but he just got tighter 

"luke you need to wake up"i said  

"stay hear with me just for a moment"

soon after he let me go and got up and walked in to the kitchen and i started eating my apple

"was it hard work"mike asked

"oy"luke said 

"not that much trouble i guess it  coude have gone worse"

thank you for reading my book i didnt think eny one woude  <3

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