My cousins best friend

zoe moves in with her cousin and meets her one true love.


3. 3

i went in to my room and fan girled for like 2 mintues. then brushed my hair check my outfit and put some make up on and went down stairs.

"ash"i shout as i walk in to the living room and see luke,calum and michael i tern and walk out to excited to talk 

"ash"i shout as i walk in to the kitchen 

i walk back in the living room 

"have you guys seen ash" u ask

"he had to nip out" luke explained

"how about anne"

"she went shopping"


"hi my name is " calum started to say but i but in

"i now how you are im zoe "

" its nice to meet you zoe" luke said i smille 

i walk in to the kitchen and grab a bottle of lucozade pink lemonade flavor. i hear the door open and in walks ash he walks in to the living room the shouts 

"hey zoe wont to come hang with us" i walk in to the living room

"there is no need to shout im only in the kitchen" 

"ow soz"

i sit down and we talk for a bit then play video games it was fun when anne came back we went up stairs and was hanging out in ash's room.

hi  comment if u wont me to continue this book and i will post a update on friday 

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