Somebody to you

McKenna Shelton is the daughter of Blake and Miranda Shelton is bullied at school cause nobody bel olives her but then she gets to go to go a concert for one of her fav bands at meets the love of her life


3. New chapter

Kenna's POV:

I woke up and took a shower and got my black leather staker skirt on and loose crop top that said #YOLO and got my black still-toes on and curled my hair and did my makeup and put my stuff in my backpack my hair was dyed back to blond on the top black on the bottom with blue highlights after school Luke asked me if I want to go to the beach sure I said ran home and put my clothes on and then I walked to the beach that nobody knew about and saw him there and I ran up to him he throwed my over his shoulder and throwed my in the water kissed him and smiled

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