Somebody to you

McKenna Shelton is the daughter of Blake and Miranda Shelton is bullied at school cause nobody bel olives her but then she gets to go to go a concert for one of her fav bands at meets the love of her life


2. New chapter

Luke's POV:

While we where singing the last songs saw this really pretty girl in the front row who hade red her and brown hair she looked 17 I hope she went the school we had to go to when the song ended we went back stage I saw her and her friend come in laughing she came in front of me and gave me her cd and I wrote my phone number in it and when she walked to Calum I asked her friend can you give me her phone number sure she said gave me her phone number and the girls name is Kenna with a pic of her troweling in the snow and then she said here's my number and that girls name was Maddy thanks when they where walking out Kenna opened her cd and saw my phone number and turned around smiled at me

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