Somebody to you

McKenna Shelton is the daughter of Blake and Miranda Shelton is bullied at school cause nobody bel olives her but then she gets to go to go a concert for one of her fav bands at meets the love of her life


1. New chapter

McKenna's POV:

My alarm clock went of and I got up and took a shower and put on my miss me shorts and put on my loose tank top that said "LIVE WHILE WHERE YOUNG"and went to the bathroom to curl my red hair and then put light make up one and then I got my backpack and put my headphones and EOS and put my wallet in cause in was going shopping after school with my BFF Maddison and then put my books in and got my nikes on and got my car keys on ran down the stairs to be greeted my mom and Brantley my little brother "hey mom hey Brantley""hi sweetly""where's dad""talking to Luke on the phone"and then i walked to the kitchen and got a bannana then texted Maddy(Maddison) ready and after school we went to the mall and came home with 12 bags each mom said we are going to a concert for 5sos in 1hour so we got ready and came down and went to the concert after the concert we went back share

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