I've always loved you

Toby have been in love with his best friend Kate, since they where kids. When she turned 5 her family moved. Toby thought he should never see her again. After 12 years another family moves into the apartment next door. Toby never forgot his love to his childhoodfriend Kate.


1. The new girl in class


"For heaven sake, I'm gonna be late again." Even thought I only live 5 minutes away from school, I always get at least 5 minutes later. It's been hard to motivate myself to go to school lately. Video games until late, and then no wonderful, cheerful smile from my best friend. I haven't seen her for 12 years.


"Ah Toby, just in time to say hello to our new student. She's going to sit next to you, since you are the only one with a seat free." I bow and hurried to the table. I took my books and placed them in front of me. "Page 67." The new girl wispered. "Thanks." I went to page 67. I readed the chapter though a couple of times. "Kate why aren't you reading in your book? everyone have only started." I noticed that she was looking out the window. "I already have read it sir." She glanced up at the teacher. Her voice sounded too much like Kate's. "Toby, seems like theres someone who's faster than you are." I nodded. I took my Iphone and my headset, and began listen to music, until the others finnished reading.


MUSIC CLASS, FINALLY!!!!! As I thought that, I nearly ran into the new girl. Seemed like she was also heading towards music class. I walked behind her, just to see if she would get lost. For some reason she seemed to know where to go. She knocked on the door before entering. I went in behind her. She sat near the window. I sat next to her. Not because I wanted to, but because that was where I had been sitting through whole last year. Our music teacher came in. "Goodmorning everybody, looks like we're gonna get started. Toby would you mind finding your guitar, or did you forget it?" Forget my guitar? Me? Now hes insulting me. It can be that I am comming late, but to forget my guitar when we have music classes? NEVER! "Miss Kate, do you have any instruments in particular that you are good at? I mean you are the only girl in the class, so I dont think the boys mind me asking you first." She nodded quietly. Then she pointed at the keyboard. "Keyboard or piano." She said calmly. WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!!! WHAT WAS IT THAT HE CALLED HER? Nononononononono, NO! Theres NO WAY that is the same Kate as the one who left 12 years ago. She sat at the piano and played for a while. The teacher gave the others their instrument. I noticed that she was humming along to the melody. She began playing another song. I looked at her. Kate. Only Kate would be able to look like that when she plays, and only she have that voice. I smiled to myself. The new girl is my old friend Kate. I smiled again. Our eyes met. She smiled back.

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