I've always loved you

Toby have been in love with his best friend Kate, since they where kids. When she turned 5 her family moved. Toby thought he should never see her again. After 12 years another family moves into the apartment next door. Toby never forgot his love to his childhoodfriend Kate.


8. My feelings



I didn't know how much time passed by like that. I lost track of time after my 1 hour long playlist repeated the 3rd time. I turned off the music and sat up. I looked out the window. The sun was setting. 


I unlocked the door and slowly opened it. Outside the door, sleeping on the floor, was Toby laying. I bowed down to him. He looked like he had been crying. I lifted his head, and putted my forehead agains his. Toby.... Always being there for me, and never wanting anything in return. I carried his body onto my bed. I layed my blanket over him and layed myself next to him.


I layed for a long time just starring at his sleeping face. I smiled to myself. "You never grow up, do you? Always having that angelic and innocent face." I stroke his hair gently. His innocent face made me smile again. I putted my forehead against his again. Our noses touched eachother. I felt his breath on my lips. I closed my eyes and just layed there, listening to his calm breath.


In the end I must have fallen asleep, cause when I opened my eyes again, it was night. I my sleep I had pressed myself towards him, to catch his warmth. I was laying there hugging him thightly. His closed eyes were right in front of me. I could count every eyelash. So handsome.... I was slightly blushing. I petted his cheek. He suddently moved. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me closer. His eyes were open, and looked at me in such a serious way. There seemed to be something wrong with him. It was like he moved, but didn't sence anything. His eyes became blank, and he fainted. 


I was so scared, that it would happen again. I hugged him thightly. Toby.... Please don't do something like that. I closed my eyes, and hugged his head against my chest. "I was really scared to come back. I knew that if I met you again, I would fall in love. You never changed, so it's obvious that this will always be the same too. But in the end, I guess I did fall in love with you...... I'm a coward for telling you this when you sleep. But I'm afraid to ruin what we have." I gently kissed his hair, then I closed my eyes again.

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