I've always loved you

Toby have been in love with his best friend Kate, since they where kids. When she turned 5 her family moved. Toby thought he should never see her again. After 12 years another family moves into the apartment next door. Toby never forgot his love to his childhoodfriend Kate.


7. Kate....



I readed the letter over and over. This made no sence. They left Kate's dad because of some family issues. I readed it trough again. Like the last ten times I began to blush whenever I saw the "And so does Toby." Was it really that easy to see. If it was, did Kate already know then? I putted the letter in my pocket and left the room.


Kate's room was locked. I sighed. This is always what happens when Kate get's sad. She hides in her room listen to music so high, that it would nearly ruin her ears. I sat down in front of her door, waiting for her to feel good enough to come out.


Hours passed by like that. I sat there wondering if she was crying. I became unbearably sad. I just sat there imagining her tearful eyes as the music blew out her thoughts. Without noticing, I was beginning to cry. 


I sat there and cried for I don't know how long time. I ended up crying myself to sleep in front of Kate's door. Kate..... Please be okay.

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