I've always loved you

Toby have been in love with his best friend Kate, since they where kids. When she turned 5 her family moved. Toby thought he should never see her again. After 12 years another family moves into the apartment next door. Toby never forgot his love to his childhoodfriend Kate.


4. Dangerous playground



My head felt heavy. My eyes hurted. I remembered what happened yesterday. I cried myself to sleep. If he heard what I said, he would probably hate me forever. I hided my head in the pillow. Why did he have to do that. My heart was still beating.


I stood looking in the mirror. Crap! I threw my empty box of contacts out. I looked at my glasses. Life sucks huh? I took them on and looked into mirror again. I left the bathroom, and went to the kitchen. Mom raised her eyebrow when she saw me. "Out of contact linces." I bluntly just said the words, and she gave me my bag and my breakfast. I took my shoes and went out of the door.


The air outside was cold. I saw my breath as I exhale. I walk out on the street. "KATE!" I hear my name. I turn around and looked for the voice. Toby? I looked up. There he was leaning out of his window, nearly falling out. I smile. Then I turn around again and continue to walk.


Within 5 minutes, I reached the school. The door was already open. I entered the classroom and sat down my bag at my place. I took my books out for the first class, then left. 


When I came back from the school yard, my books were scattered around the floor, everything that had been in my bag were laying on the floor, and many pages from my notebook was scattered everywhere. The girls giggled. I sighed and started picking up my things.The door opened. I heard loud steps coming towards me. I felt something on my back, and then fell forwards. I heard a laughter behind me. I remembered the group of students I passed on my way to school. I felt a pain in my stomach, and all my air left my lungs. As I gasped for air, the laughing was getting louder. They kept kicking me in the back and the stomach. First when the bell ringed, they stopped. I raised my body and picked up my things, and sat on my place. 


Every second that someone didn't look, things were being trown at me. Paper balls with horrible words written on it. My notes were totally ripped and they didn't even seem to care.


In the break they cornered me up in the school yard. They kicked me, and I had no place to escape to. One of the girls came up to me. "No girl such as you is allowed to go anywhere near Toby. Especially not someone wearing glasses." She took off my glasses, and dropped them on the ground. The next second I could hear the sound of them breaking under the weigh of her shoes. "Tsk." I clicked my tounge. Now they pissed my off. Nobody touches my glasses, and theres abselutely NO chance that they can break them like some kind of trash. "Okay.... Now you've done it. Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY touches my glasses, so how do you think I feel about you breaking them?" I stared at her. My black eyes shot daggers at her. "G-get her." She was panicing. One of the boys behind her ran towards me. Before he took 4 steps he fell forwards. I didn't do anything. I looked up. Before I could blink, I was being wrapped in a warm embrace. The embrace tightened. My legs collapsed under me, still being in the warm embrace. Toby..... Why do you always come at times like this and save me? He sat me down on the ground, then turned towards my bullies. He was carrying a long stick-like thing made of iron. My heart was beating loudly as I saw him beat down everyone around us. He turned to me, and smiled, covered in a mix of his own and others blood. Then my vision went black.

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