I've always loved you

Toby have been in love with his best friend Kate, since they where kids. When she turned 5 her family moved. Toby thought he should never see her again. After 12 years another family moves into the apartment next door. Toby never forgot his love to his childhoodfriend Kate.


2. At the music school



"Merrily we fall out of line, out of line,

I'd fall anywhere with you by my side,

Swinging in the rain, humming melodies

We're not going anywhere until we freeze.

I'm not afraid, anymore, I'm not afraid.

Forever is a long time,

But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side."


"KATE! YOU GOT A VISITOR!" I stopped singing along to the song. Who would be visiting me? I mean how does they even know where I live? I stop the music and went out in the livingroom. Toby? Why was Toby here? I tilted my head in confusion. Toby smiled to me. "Hey. Do you have time?" He asked still smiling. I nodded. "Nice." He went over to me, grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him. He stopped so I could get my shoes on, then he pulled me along again. He dragged me down the stairs and along with him, all the way to the music school.


Last time I was here there was a lot of people running around, now the place was so silent. "This place shutted down 2 years after you left Kate. All the instuments are still there, because that they letted it stay, just in case someone wanted to use it. Somehow there are still power in there." He looked kind of sad when he talked about it. Then he opened the door.


When I entered the hall, memories came to me. I used to come here with Toby when we was small. We would run around between the instuments and after that we would be listening to the music around us. I walked around touching the instuments. They where covered by a thic layer of dust. "EEK!" I fell to the floor laughing. Toby had sneaked up on me and started tickiling me. "Hahaha s-stop it hahaha." I tried to push him away. He surely have gotten stronger. When we was smaller I could normally push him over. We played around for a while.


"Say Kate, why did your family move in the first place?" His head were resting on his knees. "Dad had to move beacuse of his work. I didn't know until the day we moved. A week ago, mom and dad was arguing. It ended up with me moving away with mom. And here I am, back in the old town. Funny enough then there had been no one living in there for all this time." I looked around. I looked at Toby. His eyes were filled with sadness. I smiled faintly at him. I placed my hand on his forehead and tilted him over. "Hey! Why did you do that?" He layed on the floor glaring at me. "It's your own fault for being so defenceless." I looked away to see if that trick still worked. It did. Maybe a bit too good. He attacked me and tilted me over. He sat on my legs, and was pinning down my arms. Not being able to move I looked him into the eyes. His honey-golden eyes were like sucking me in. Like just realizing what he just did, his eyes wavered, and looked away from me. "Hey? Do you mind getting off me? My legs are getting numb." He shaked his head. Then he layed his head on my chest. When we was smaller he'd often layed his head on my chest, but this was a little embarrassing. His body was shaking. "It's long time since I last saw you cried. I'm sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye that day. I really missed you." He letted go of my hands, and used his arms to pull me even closer to him. His body was still shaking and his breath was ragging. I lifted my hand and patted his head. I stroke his hair, while humming a song for him.


We sat like that for a while. His breath calmed down, and his grip around me loosens. His body got heavier. H-he fell asleep on top of me!!! "Toby? Please wake up Toby, it's getting dark and they might get worried." In his sleep he gripped around my waist again. "I wanna stay with Kate, forever." His face came up to my neck, and he began nuzzleing my neck. H-he said WHAT?! F-forever? I know we are best friends, but to stay with him forever. "lay down, it's hard to sleep." He stopped nuzzeling my neck. "But your arms are under me, if I lay down your arms will get hurt." I hoped he would go away, but no. He simply just removed his arms and layed even more weigh on my shoulders, so that I fell back on the floor.

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