I've always loved you

Toby have been in love with his best friend Kate, since they where kids. When she turned 5 her family moved. Toby thought he should never see her again. After 12 years another family moves into the apartment next door. Toby never forgot his love to his childhoodfriend Kate.


5. A fever at the nurse's office



As I looked at Kate sleeping in the bed, at the nurse's office, I thought of what happened.


I was feeling a little ill when I woke up. It took me some time to convince my mom about that I was fine. 


When I got to school it was around the first break. As I walked through the school yard, I saw a group of students surrounding something. When I walked closer, I could hear the sound of glass breaking. Then I heard Kate's voice. When one of the students began run towards her, my mind went black. All I thought was: Kate's getting hurt. I grabbed the nearest thing and attacked. I walked over and hugged Kate. I felt her body turn weak. I sat her down on the ground, then turned towards her attackers.


All I remember after that, is that I see Kate looking at me. I smile to her. Then she fainted.


 After that I brought her to the nurse's office. She have been sleeping ever since that. I had called her mom to come with another pair of her glasses. Ever since childhood Kate has been very sensitive about her glasses. I look at her sleeping face. I really missed that face. I gently kissed her forehead. "Mmmhm." A sweet moan escaped her mouth. I leaned in over her. Only few inches from her face, I stopped. I wanted really badly to get closer. She would never forgive me if I did. I stroke her hair as I kept looking at her sleeping face, "Ngnh." Her eyes twisted and slowly opened. She smiled kindly towards me. "Thank you Toby. Your always there when I need you." She raised her body, and hugged me. My heart skipped a beat, and raced at her touch. "K-Kate what are you doing?!" Her hug got tighter. My cheeks burned. I tried lightly to remove her body. Just how power does this girl have?! At least I got her hands from my back, and layed her back again. Her cheeks were really hot. It looked like she was having a fever. She was asleep again. I stood up to leave, but realized that Kate was holding on to my shirt. After the struggle when I tried to remove her from me, I decided that it was best to wait until she letted go herself. I sat there looking at her sleeping face. I gently stroke her face. "Mmhm..... What are you doing Toby?" I quickly pulled my hand towards myself again. I peered into her face. Looks like she was muttering in her sleep. But how did she know it was me?I heard the bell ring. Schools over now. I picked her up in my arms. She letted go of my shirt, and hugged my neck, like she was only half asleep.


I went by our class, took our things, and left, still carrying her in my arms. All the other students looked after us with big eyes. I tightened my grib on her weak body. "Ngnh..... Mmhm." She's mumbeling in her sleep again.


Walking home carrying her turned out to be a lot of trouble. Every person we went by looked at us with a wondering look on their faces. 


I felt a little weird when I stopped in front of her door. Just how many questions will her mom ask? I knocked on the door and entered.


The house seemed dark and lonely. There was no sight of Kate's mom anywhere. I went into her room and layed her on the bed. I watched for a while, then stood up and went home to tell mom that I was staying at Kate's place for a while. Only until her mom came back.

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