The Hitch in The Great Escape.

Leo and Jordi get stuck in an elevator while attempting to flea the hospital. With nothing to do but wait they decide to play twenty questions.


5. Chapter 5: Coming Clean

Jordi finds Leo in the physical therapy room, rolling his soccer ball between his hands. Jordi stares at him willing Leo to look up but he keeps his eyes trained on the soccer ball in his hands.



"Can I start by saying how sorry I am that I lied to you?" Jordi asks.


"I think you should just explain why because I really need to know how to feel right now Jordi. A part of me is hurt that you lied to me but the other part keeps saying that I don't know the whole story. And if you lied about something like that then there must be a story right?" Leo finally looks up at Jordi and his eyes are red and puffy. Lost in the fact that he made Leo this upset, Jordi rushes over to him and pulls him into a hug. 


"I'm so sorry Leo." Jordi whispers into Leo's neck. Leo drops his soccer ball, wraps his arms around Jordi and squeezes back. Jordi thought Leo might be mad but he never thought that he would be this hurt.


"The truth is that my mother and I don't have a very good relationship. Even if you ignore all the bad parenting and gambling. I guess now looking back she just couldn't handle being a mom. She put me on a bus and sent me to live with my grandmother a long time ago. But the worst part is how she comes back every few years, promising things will be different. The last time she showed up she slept the father of one my best friends. His parents got divorced, mom skipped town and he never spoke to me again." Jordi can feel tears of his own creep down his cheeks and when Leo tightens his arms around him he let's out a shuddering breath, closes his eyes and tucks his face into Leo's skin. 


"It's okay Jordi. You're okay." Leo whispers to Jordi. He strokes his hand through Jordi's hair and rubs soothing circles into Jordi's back. It feels so good Jordi doesn't want to let go. But knows he has to. Jordi pulls back and smiles at Leo.


"So how many more times do I need to apologize for you to forgive me," Jordi asks. Leo laughs and reaches up to wipe a stray tear from Jordi's cheek.


"None. I get you had a good reason and I can hardly be mad at you for telling a lie before we even met. Just promise me no matter what happens between us, that we'll always tell each other everything." Leo says. Jordi nods and leans in for a quick kiss. 


"Does that mean that something is going to happen between us?" Jordi asks with a bright smile on his face. In the short time since they've known each other Leo has come to mean a lot to Jordi. Leo bits his bottom lip and looks up at Jordi through his eyelashes. The look has Jordi's heart beating faster and blood rushing south.


"Well we were interrupted this morning." Leo says. His voice is the paragon of innocence but the way he's eyeing Jordi is anything but.


"So we were." Jordi walks forward and crowds Leo into the couch behind him. "I guess I should do something about that." Jordi steps closer and Leo falls back onto the couch with a laugh. Jordi climbs onto his lap mirroring his position from earlier. Once Leo's caught his breath Jordi kisses him. It's hard and they waste no time, licking into each other's mouths with renewed passion. 


Leo moves his hands up and down Jordi's thighs, fingers flexing as he feels out the muscle. Jordi slides his own hands up Leo's stomach, chest and shoulders until his hands and firmly holding Leo's head on either side. He nips at Leo's bottom lip a few times. Then tips Leo's head back and uses the new angle to completely explore Leo's mouth. 


Leo moans into Jordi's mouth, his hands scrambling frantically against Jordi's back. Leo pushes Jordi back slightly and just when Jordi is about to ask him what's wrong he attacks Jordi's neck. He licks and sucks at the flesh. When he finds a sensitive spot Jordi moans, loudly, rocking his hips forward. Jordi can feel Leo smirk against his neck for a second before it's replaced with biting teeth and soothing strokes of his tongue at the same time Leo rocks his own hips upward and the feeling of their clothed erections rubbing together has Jordi's head spinning and vision going blurry. 


Jordi can feel his heart pounding though out his entire body. It's too much but at the same time he wants more. Wants everything Leo is willing to give him. When he starts to feel light headed he uses his hands to separate them. They're both flush and panting hard. Jordi slides off Leo's lap and onto the couch beside him.


"Sorry…just…a little too…intense." Jordi says between intakes of breath. Leo turns his face to Jordi and presses their foreheads together. 


"It's okay. How do you feel about a lunch date? Well it's early so it's more like brunch but still." Leo asks. Jordi looks at Leo and grins.


"You mean in the cafeteria? Where everyone can see? Are you sure you're ready for that?" Jordi asks. He has to make sure even though he'd like nothing more than to parade Leo in front of everyone.


"I may not understand my feelings completely. But one thing I know is that I want to be with you and if we're going to date then I want everyone in the hospital to know how lucky I am." Jordi's smile overtakes his entire face and he leans in to place a gentle kiss to Leo's lips. 


"I would love that. I need to talk to my mom first though. I may not want her here but I can't avoid her." Leo nods and pushes himself up from the couch.


"Sounds good. I'll meet you in the cafeteria." Leo says as he grabs his crutches from the floor. They may have fallen over during earlier events. Jordi watches as Leo walks out of the room. He still can't believe Leo likes him back. 


Knowing he can't postpone the conversation with his mother forever if only because it'll mean missing his date with Leo Jordi stands up and heads to the door. Halfway there he finds Leo's ball and bends down to pick it up, planning on taking it with him back to their room. When he stands up Jordi's vision blurs again and he starts to feel dizzy.


"Wow." Jordi starts backing up towards the couch but before he can make he collapses on the floor. He watches the soccer ball as it rolls out of his hands into the hallway. Then everything goes black.

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