The Hitch in The Great Escape.

Leo and Jordi get stuck in an elevator while attempting to flea the hospital. With nothing to do but wait they decide to play twenty questions.


4. Chapter 4: Is It Brave or Selfish?

"Um, I'll leave you two to talk. I should get to physiotherapy now anyway." Leo says. He makes quick work of getting to his crutches and practically runs out the door. Great, Jordi thinks, now Leo is probably even more freaked out.

"What're you doing here mom?" It isn't a question but an accusation. How could she show up after all this time and just waltz in like she had any right to be here in the first place?

"I'm your mother Jordi. I didn't even know you were sick! I almost had a heart attack when your grandmother called to tell me you ran away." Jordi rolls his eyes. Of course that's how she would see it. He didn't run away and he isn't off being an irresponsible teenager. He's doing what he does best, looking after himself.

"I didn't run away mom! I needed a doctor and Dr. McAndrew is the best." Jordi explains. Or at least tries to. His mother will probably just turn this around and make it about her like she always does.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asks. And there it is. The everything is about me line right on cue.

"Because I didn't want you here." Jordi says. He means it but he still can't face his mom as he says it so he looks down to the floor. He's never been able to truly tell her what he thinks because he knows it'll hurt her. But that's all over. He has cancer and he gets to be selfish now.

"Jordi?" She pleads. He pointedly doesn't look up at her. He knows what he'll see and can already picture the wounded puppy eyes.

"But you came anyway and now Leo probably hates me because he knows I lied about you." Jordi says instead. Then cringes a little because he really doesn't want to talk to her about Leo.

"Lied about me? Jordi what are you talking about?" She asks. How exactly do you tell your mother that you told everyone that she's dead. The answer, you don't.

"It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I find Leo and explain everything to him." Honesty can wait until after he talks to Leo.

"Just tell me what's wrong baby maybe I can help." Jordi's mom says. The last time she said that she ended up getting the guy he liked parents divorced. How she managed he doesn't want to know.

"No mom you can't! Just go back to Fresno." He wants to add and never come back but in the end Jordi can't manage to be that selfish. It would break his moms heart.

"Jordi please just be honest with me." Jordi makes a vital mistake at this and looks up. She looks so sad but slightly optimistic. She really thinks he'll open up, tell her everything. But he can't give her that. He needs to keep something for himself. So he gives her something else instead. Leo.

"I really like this guy mom. I can't screw it up this time." He knows she'll understand. Neither of them have had very much luck with men in the past. She nods and he thinks that'll be that but them a smile slips over her face and he can feel his heating up.

"He is really cute." She says.

"Mom!" Jordi yells. He's full on blushing now he can tell.

"Hey Jordi are you okay? I heard shouting. Oh what are doing here?" Dr. McAndrew says as he leans into the doorway. The last part he directs at Jordi's mother and isn't that interesting. Do they know each other?

"I'm Jordi's mother." She says. It's slightly defensive like she thinks he's going to make her leave.

"I'm Jordi's doctor. Aren't you supposed to be dead?" He asks. Thanks Dr. McAndrew really subtle, Jordi thinks.

"What?" Jordi's mother looks back at him in shock. She looks physically pained by this news. Time to make his exit.

"Clearly you two have a lot to talk about so I'm just going to go find Leo." Jordi says as he gets up and heads for the door. Brushing past the good doctor on his way out.

"Jordi wait!" Jordi's mom yells. But it's too late Jordi's already out the door and there is no way he's going back in there anytime soon. He needs to find Leo and explain himself before Leo decides he made a mistake about Jordi.

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