The Hitch in The Great Escape.

Leo and Jordi get stuck in an elevator while attempting to flea the hospital. With nothing to do but wait they decide to play twenty questions.


3. Chapter 3: Getting Together and Getting Interrupted

Leo and Jordi didn't get back to their room until late that night. They were both exhausted and decided to go straight to bed. Leo had been both looking forward to and dreading the morning. He wanted nothing more than to be with Jordi and everything that included. But he knew they'd have to talk first and Leo despite what he said the night before he still didn't know how he felt completely. He likes Jordi, really likes him. But he also likes girls and has never felt this way about another boy. It was very confusing and Leo was worried he wouldn't be able to explain it to Jordi. But even with all his worries sleep came to Leo easily.

He dreamed of his life before the cancer. Of running across the soccer field and scoring goals. He's had this dream before. Only instead of being tainted with bittersweetness and grief he feels happy, light. After scoring the winning goal Leo runs of the field to the sidelines, where Jordi's waiting for him. Just as they kiss he can hear the crowd chanting, LEO! LEO! LEO!.

"Leo. Leo wake up." As Leo starts to wake up he sees Jordi's face above his.

"Good morning." Leo says with a smile growing across his face.

"I was just dreaming about you." Leo pulls himself up to lean against the headboard.

"Oh were you now?" Jordi asks with a smirk.

"Mhmm." Leo reaches over and grabs Jordi's arm pulling him on to the bed beside him.

"You want to talk don't you?" Leo asks.

"After what you said last night can you blame me?" Jordi sighs and looks down to his hands. Clearly Leo isn't the only one nervous about this talk.

"I meant it. Every word. You're incredible Jordi and I do want to give this, us a try. It's just all so new to me and I know I'm not gay but clearly I'm not entirely straight either." Leo's knows he's rambling now and he's avoiding Jordi's eyes.

"Leo it's okay. You have plenty of time to figure it out and it doesn't bother me. You could be sexually attracted to cactuses and I would still want to be with you." Jordi's smile lights up his face and Leo can't help but smile back.

"Cacti. The plural of cactus is cacti." Leo says. Jordi laughs and shakes his head at Leo.

"You're such a dork." Jordi says. Before Leo can defend himself Jordi leans in and presses their lips together. Jordi's lips are warm and soft. Without thinking Leo presses his tongue to the seam of Jordi's lips. They part easily and let Leo's tongue into his mouth to explore freely. Leo is determined to taste every inch of Jordi's mouth. He slides his tongue over his gums and the roof of his mouth but it's when their tongue circle around each other that they both let out soft moans.

Leo pulls Jordi so he's stratling Leo's lap. Jordi grinds his hips down and Leo moans at the sudden pleasure. Jordi pulls away and starts kissing down his neck, licking and sucking at random posts. He scraps his nails over Leo's head and a shiver runs down Leo's spine. Leo arches into Jordi's body wanting to feel more of Jordi. It's then that a throat clears.

Startled they pull apart and look over to the door. Nurse Jackson is standing with a woman Leo doesn't recognize. Jordi sits up and shuffles over so he's no longer on top of Leo.

"Mom?" Jordi asks, looking straight at the woman.

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