The Hitch in The Great Escape.

Leo and Jordi get stuck in an elevator while attempting to flea the hospital. With nothing to do but wait they decide to play twenty questions.


2. Chapter 2: Totally Not a Date

After The Incident, which is what Jordi has started calling it, things with Leo are a little tense. They don't talk about what happened. Jordi isn't surprised just a little disappointed. It's not unusual for guys to freak out after their first encounter with the same sex. It's happened to him in the past.

He was just hoping Leo would be different. Maybe he just needs time he keeps trying to reassure himself. Time to figure out what it all means. But the reality is he probably regrets it and Jordi needs to do something before things between them get damaged beyond repair. He really wants and needs Leo as a friend. Especially after having just started his chemotherapy a few days ago. He can't really feel it yet but he knows he will and he'll need Leo.

So he takes a page out of Leo Roth's playbook and plans a night out of the hospital, while not technically being out of the hospital, the principle is still there. It'll be an escape. First he clears it with Dr. McAndrew because he doesn't quite have Leo's courage and risk-taking attitude. Then he visits Ruben when he knows Leo and Dash are in class.

It doesn't take long for Ruben to make the necessary arrangements and he gets the go ahead the next day. He enlists Kenji to make sure the other kids aren't hanging around that night. He tells Leo they're meeting the others on the roof to hang out.

"Um Jordi what's all this?" Leo asks after they step out on the roof. There's a tall white wall across from the couch and a projector on the coffee table.

"So I lied. We're not meeting the others here. Things have just been weird since the elevator and I wanted you to know that it's okay we can be just friends. Things don't have to change." Jordi says in a rush. But what he really wants to say is that he wants things to change. He wants to be able to kiss Leo again and again. He wants to be able to hold his hand and cuddle with him. But he'll settle for friends if that's all Leo can give him.

"Okay. So what's all this for?" Leo asks motioning to the equipment. It's hard to tell what he's thinking.

"I thought I'd show you how important your friendship is to me. You said the other day that you liked going to the theatres before all this. So since we can't go to the theatre I thought I'd bring the theatre to us." Jordi walked over to the projector and pressed a button on the top. A movie started playing on the wall.

"Is that?" Leo asks. He moves closer to the wall and watches transfixed as Guardians of the Galaxy plays on the screen.

"You said you hadn't seen it yet and I knew you'd love it." Jordi says. He feels his face heat up and looks down so Leo can't see his blush.

"How?" Leo asks.

"Ruben pulled some strings." Leo nods and walks over to Jordi.

"You're pretty incredible Jordi Palacios. Thank you." Leo says.

Jordi can't hide the blush that spreads across his entire face this time. Maybe he's imagining it but he thinks he sees Leo blush too. He's about to say something back when the door bangs open and Dash, Kara and Emma all come through.

"What's this a date or something?" Kara asks. Jordi knows it's supposed to be an insult. She's just teasing them but he hadn't even realized what this would look like. God he hopes Leo doesn't think he was trying to force him to go on a date.

"Of course not." Leo says and if Jordi's heart aches at the disbelief in his voice then no one has to know. Jordi sits down at the end of the couch.

Unable to look at Leo anymore he turns and sees Emma start to walk over to him. He really doesn't want to sit next to her right now. This was supposed to be just him and Leo. Where the hell was Kenji? Before Emma can sit down next to him Leo plops down instead. Leaving absolutely no space between them. We're talking thighs and shoulder pressed together. Emma looks confused and tries to meet Jordi's eyes but the huge smile Leo sends him completely fills up his eyesight.

After everyone's settled and the movie's about twenty minutes in Jordi feels Leo's breath on his neck and it's not doing things to him. It just isn't.

"For the record. I never said that I wanted to be just friends with you." Leo whispers in his ear and it's totally doing things to him.

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