The Hitch in The Great Escape.

Leo and Jordi get stuck in an elevator while attempting to flea the hospital. With nothing to do but wait they decide to play twenty questions.


1. Chapter 1

When you've lived in a hospital as long as Leo has it's easy to start to believe you have the place wired. You know when the nurses' shift changes are and which hallways are never used. But then reality hits and you get stuck in an elevator in the middle of one of your daring escapes.

"Um Leo how long do you think we'll be in here?"

Or worse. You get stuck in the elevator in the middle of springing your roommate for a final adventure before he starts Chemo.

"I don't know Jordi. This has literally never happened to me before. You'd think that after giving a couple of kids cancer the universe would maybe it would give those kids some slack but no." Leo says.

"Oh." Jordi says, turns around and starts looking over every inch of the elevator. He reminds Leo of a puppy that's owner just left at home and doesn't know what to do. Leo slides down the wall and lays his crutches on the the floor.

"So…um…what do we do now?" Jordi asks. He's full on pacing now and it looks ridiculous since he is also on crutches while his leg finishes healing from his surgery.

"First you need to stop pacing and sit down. Then we just have to entertain ourselves until they fix the elevator." Leo answers. Jordi takes a breath and sits down next to Leo.

"We could play twenty questions. You know the get to know each other game." Jordi suggests after about five seconds of silence.

"Jordi we share a room in which we spent most hours of the day together. We already know each other." Leo huffs. Even though he used to love playing the game at soccer camp to get to know his new teammates better. But if his recent attempt at being normal again is anything to go by he isn't that person anymore.

"It's just I was playing it with Emma yesterday and I just thought it might be kind of fun to play with you." Leo looks over at Jordi. He looks nervous and his cheeks and ears are flushed. He's probably thinking about Emma and how much fun they have together.

"Fine I'll play. First question. Do you have a thing for Emma?" He knows he only asks out of jealousy but he has to know and it's not like he can ask Emma. She'd mock him for the rest of his life.

"I…uh…she's…not my type." Jordi stammers out. His blush travels down his neck and becomes a few shades darker.

"What's your type then?" Leo asks voice thick with disbelief.

"No way my question." Jordi says. The deflection intrigues Leo. Maybe he was lying and wants more time to think of an answer.

"Fine. Go." Leo says.

"Why did you and Emma break up?"

"We just didn't work out. We weren't right for each other." There's more to it than that but Leo doesn't like talking about how they ended things. Mostly because he thinks he could have handled it better. He expects Jordi to push like he had. To not believe him. But he doesn't.

"Ok. Your turn." Is all Jordi says after the silence drags on for long enough that things feel a little more awkward.

"What's your type?" Leo asks. Obviously he's not very good at letting things go.

"Um…guys." What!? Leo hadn't been expecting that. For a moment he thinks it might be a lie but Jordi doesn't seem like the type to lie about something like that and actually thinking about it he doesn't seem like the type to lie at all.

"Oh…I didn't…I hadn't realized." Leo says. Jordi smiles and laughs at him. But not in a mean way.

"It's okay. Have you ever had sex?" Jordi asks. Wow he really doesn't pull punches in this game, Leo thinks.

"Yes. Once. Have you?" It was with a girl from his class before he got admitted to the hospital and it was a mistake. He doesn't like to think about it.

"No." Jordi answers. He doesn't seem embarrassed like Leo would of been or even frustrated like Dash is constantly.

"How old were you?" Jordi asks. He considers lying. He knows now that he was too young and only did it because of his diagnosis.

"14." Leo answers honestly. Jordi won't hold it against him or tell anyone. People make mistakes and he can trust Jordi with his.

"Have you kissed anyone?" Leo asks.

"Yes." Jordi answers.

"A guy or a girl?" He knows it's not his turn but this feels like an important distinction.


"Was it different? Kissing a guy?" Leo doesn't know why he cares so much or why Jordi is letting him ask more than one question in a row but he needs to know.

"Yeah. It felt right. There were sparks and all that. Have you?" Jordi asks and his puppy dog smile turns into a smirk.

"What kissed a guy?" Jordi nods.


"Do you want to?" The question takes Leo by surprise though it probably shouldn't have.

"What? Why would you ask that?" Leo has never even thought about kissing another guy. After all he likes girls, a lot. Why would he need to?

"Most straight guys don't ask how kissing another guy feels like." Uh. Maybe he has a point. Dash certainly wouldn't of felt the need to know. Leo looks over at Jordi and notices for the first time how close they're sitting to each other. Had they been this close when Jordi sat down? He looks to his other side and sees his crutches are at least a foot away now. They hadn't been sitting this close and it wasn't Jordi who had moved it was him.

When he turns back Jordi has definitely moved this time. There faces are now a mere few inches apart. He looks at Jordi's eyes and sees something he can't remember ever seeing there before. Want. In a second Leo closes the distance between them.

Jordi's lips are warm. They're also dry and he can tell Jordi's been biting them recently. Probably nervous about starting chemo tomorrow. The kiss is chaste but tender and Leo really wants to lick over Jordi's lips to moisten them, tangle it around Jordi's own but he doesn't. He pulls away instead. Jordi smiles at him slightly and leans his head against the wall.

"So was it different?" Jordi asks.

"Not as different as I thought." Leo says and Jordi's brow creases.

"What does that mean?"

"Sparks. There were sparks with Emma and I didn't think there would be sparks with you." Leo says. Jordi smiles and leans towards Leo again but before they can connect the elevator doors open and they spring apart both with a smile on their face.

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