Baby Girl (Harry styles fanfiction)

Rosie was 16 when she was raped and received a child from it. She was only 16 when she lost her precious child. Rosie decided that from then on she wouldn't let anyone break down her walls. She refused. That was until she met Harry styles. He was the one. The only one who could have Rosie. Who could break down her walls.

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5. Baby Girl #5

Rosie's POV

(sorry for typo's if there are any. I just got my nails done so it's kinda hard to type)


"Fish are friends not food" The shark in nemo said.

Personally the animonies are my favorite.... well when Nemo tries to say it.

We continued to watch Nemo and next was 'Lion King'.

we watched and sang along but I was looking forward to one part...

"Are you aching, yup yup yup yup, for some bacon, yup yup yup yup, he's a big pig, yup yup, you can be a big pig too!!! oyeee" I yelled as that part came up.

Harry, Capri, and Cole looked at me like I was crazy.

Harry paused the movie.

I blushed a dark red and said the first thing that came to mind.

"Mufasa! OOOh! Mufasa Mufasa Mufasa!!" I yelled out.

Capri, Cole, and Harry busted out laughing. As did I.

"Your silly. I like you" Capri said.

after that the door bell rang.

Harry got off the couch and went to get it. 

That was when i noticed his attire.

He was wearing sweat pants and a plain black v-neck. He wasn't wearing socks, Ill make sure to tell him to put some on.

After a while I heard foot steps and decided to tell it to him before he walked in since the stairs were just before the movie room/ living room.

"Hazz!! Go put some socks on or you'll catch a cold." I yelled.

I expected to see Harry walk in since the walking continued, but I was far from right.

A mixed woman walked in. She had long pretty brown hair and looked to be more black then white but still clearly mixed.

"umm who is she?" She asked while pointing at me.

"Mommy!!" Capri and Cole screamed. They ran over and she gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello?? Anybody gonna answer me? Harry? who is she? So your trying to replace me now?" She rambled on.

She was pretty but she could talk.

"Lauren. This is Rosie my girlfriend. Rosie this is my ex- wife Lauren London." He introduced us. My heart fluttered. So he thinks of me as his girlfriend?

"No, she's not 'replacing' you Lauren. You'll still be the twins mother.... Sadly." Harry said while whispering the last part.

I stuffled a laugh.

"Well any ways. I just came to give my babies some love. I have to leave to LA to go shoot stuff for 'The Game'. I love you Cameron and Pri!!" She said. she gave them one last kiss then left.

"she's something" Harry said.

"Yeah. Who's Cameron?" I asked.

"That's Cole's first name. His name is Cameron Cole Styles. She calls him Cameron and I call him Cole. Capri's full name is Capri Renee Elizabeth Styles" He said. and I nodded. (N/A: My middle name is Renee haha. Also I imagined all that Lauren is saying in her actual voice lol. The game is one of my favorite shows. Sadly it's getting canceled again)

"Let's finish Lion king. Yeah?"


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