Baby Girl (Harry styles fanfiction)

Rosie was 16 when she was raped and received a child from it. She was only 16 when she lost her precious child. Rosie decided that from then on she wouldn't let anyone break down her walls. She refused. That was until she met Harry styles. He was the one. The only one who could have Rosie. Who could break down her walls.

Copyright, 2014, All rights reserved to Tumblxr Princess.
This is my story. If you'd like to reuse it or to base your story off of it, please ask me before doing so.
Warning: May contain Curse words and names of illegal substances.
Also, may refer to Sex.
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3. Baby Girl #3

Rosie's POV

3 Weeks later

Harry and I have been on many dates. They've all been quite swell.

My favorite one was when we went to the movies and then we came back to my place and snuggled while watching Nemo!

Which happens to be my all time favorite little kids movie.

Right now I'm laying on my bed. Bored out of my mind. Not having a thing to do.

Until my phone buzzed.

I picked my phone up and slid the little green thingy across the screen to answer.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello darling, how are you on this lovely day?" Harry asked through the phone.

My heart started to go faster and I smiled.

"Lovely, You?" I asked.

"Very good except Cole and Capri are being very disobedient" He said. I chuckled.

"Harry, babe. They are children not dogs. Let them have fun" I said.

He sighed and replied with a 'I guess'

"So what's up? Why'd ya call me?" I asked.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd like to have a movie day with the kids and I?" He asked.

"Ummm sure. What time?" I asked.

"Now. We are extremely bored and we're willing to watch Nemo" He said.

I smiled and hopped out of bed. I slipped on my uggs and raced out the door.

"I'm already on my way." I said as i hopped in the car.

Harry chuckled.

"Well I'm gonna hang up. Can't have my princess in a car accident over Nemo" He said.

I felt my stomach fill to the brim with butterflies. he's never called me a princess, let alone HIS princess.

"Okay. Bye" I said.

"Bye" He replied and hung up. I continued to drive until I got to a gated neighborhood.

The life of being a styles, I guess.


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