Baby Girl (Harry styles fanfiction)

Rosie was 16 when she was raped and received a child from it. She was only 16 when she lost her precious child. Rosie decided that from then on she wouldn't let anyone break down her walls. She refused. That was until she met Harry styles. He was the one. The only one who could have Rosie. Who could break down her walls.

Copyright, 2014, All rights reserved to Tumblxr Princess.
This is my story. If you'd like to reuse it or to base your story off of it, please ask me before doing so.
Warning: May contain Curse words and names of illegal substances.
Also, may refer to Sex.
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2. Baby Girl #2

Rosie's POV

"You look more like Lana than Birdy" 

"Nahh. She looks exactly like Birdy."

"Guys. I don't look like Lana or Birdy"

Willow, Winter, and I were going back and fourth deciding who I look more like.

Honestly, I don't think I look like Lana or Birdy but I'll let them discuss this if they want.

"I'm just saying. Birdy could be here twin" Willow said.

"Okay guys, It doesn't matter. I think I'm ready" I said.

Willow's mouth dropped.

"Holy mother flipping gummy bears" She said and I chuckled.

I wore a Dress that was black at the top and an off white color at the bottom. It had a black belt with a bow on it, at my waist line and then ruffles going down.

I also wore my Black red bottoms, which were super expensive, and a bracelet that was golden and said 'Beautiful' In cursive.

My hair was in tiny ringlets and took forever to do.

"You look gorgeous" Winter said.

"I know" I said back cheekily.

"Hey watch yourself Mrs. I don't kiss on the first date because it leads to other things" 

I chuckled to myself. My friends were handfuls.

"I have to go but i'll be back" I said.

I left the house and drove to the Grand Eltro.

When I got there valet parked the car and I walked to the door.

A man opened the door for me and I said thank you.

"Hello ma'm. Welcome to the Grand Eltro. Do you have reservations?" A man behind the greeters counter asked.

"Yes. It should be under Harry Styles." I said. Recalling what I was told to ask about.

"Okay. Mr.Styles is already waiting. I presume you are Ms. Rosalina?" He asked.

"Well It's just Rosie" I replied with a smile.

"Ah. Sorry for my inconvenience" He said.

"It's not a problem at all" I said.

We got to the table and Harry sat there.

"Thank you" I said. 

Harry got up and pulled out my chair and I sat. He then pushed me in.

"You look stunning tonight" He said.

"Why thank you. You look quite ravishing yourself" I said with a chuckled on the end.

"So tell me about yourself. Like your age, Favorite color, Etc." He said.

"Well I'm 18. My favorite Color is Blue. My favorite number is 7 and 18. I love designing, Cooking, and anything with politics." I said.

It was true. I used to wanna be a designer when I was younger but then I decided on being a chief but I have always loved Politics since I was about 10. The presidents and Laws and such fascinated me. It was all so interesting and it provided me with information that children my age wouldn't really care about but needed to.

"Ahhhh. Politics. They were once my favorite thing to learn about. I went to college for Politics and for Business. I am 23 years old and my favorite color is Orange." He said.

"How old were you when you graduated college?" I asked.

"I was 20. I graduated high school at 17. Later on next year I will return to my studies, though. I want to prepare. I may want to be the president later on in life" He said.

"Cool. I'm currently doing online classes since It's not as stressful" I said and took a sip of the complementary water.

"Hello, Welcome, again to the Grand Eltro. Are you ready to order?" Our waiter asked.

"Yes. I'll have the Creme ou crabe soupe" Harry said in perfect french.

The whole menu was in french to go with the them. I barely knew french. I only know the parts I learned in high school.

I know he ordered a crab soup though.

"And for the lady?" He asked while turning to me.

"I'll have the Bur-Bur" I tried but Harry butted in.

"She'll have the Burger vegetarien avec une Salade" My mouth shut instantly.

"They are both very great choices." The waiter said and took our menu's.

"So I see you speak French" I said.

"Yes I do" He replied.

"So do you have any children?" I asked him. A smile appeared on his face at the mention of children.

"Yes. Twins actually. A boy and a girl. They are three. My little boy's name is Cole and my sweet little girls name is Capri but I often call her Noel because that's her middle name" He said.

I smiled at him.

"I guess I'll have to meet them" I said.

"I guess you do" He said while taking a sip of his water.

We talked for another 5 minutes before the waiter, Dan, came back with our food and we ate it.

After we were finished, Harry paid for the check and I left a tip and we walked out the restaurant.

"I had a lovely time with you Rosie. I'd love to do it again" He said.

"Diddo" I replied.

We hugged and I took a bug breath full of his scent. 

He smelled amazing.

We pulled away from each other and I smiled.

"You have my number and you know where I work. Just tell me when our next outing will be" I said.

We hugged once more and then we went off our separate ways.

It was a surprisingly good date. We had a lot in common. I loved that he had children. It reassure me that he wasn't some horny bastard that went out every single night.

I got back to Willow's house and knocked on the door.

Winter opened and smirked.

"How was it?" She asked.

"Magical" I replied.

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