The Best

Hi I'm Jaylynn, the gang are my best guy friends ever, I might have some complications with my life but thats what happens.


3. What!?!

Ashton's pov


"What are you suggesting that I get an abortion because you know we'll enough that I will not kill an innocent just because I ca-" jaylynn screamed but then suddenly stopped and the line went dead at least I thought it did until I heard a loud beeping and footsteps rushing towards the sound 

"jaylynn, jaylynn JAYLYNN, JAYLYNN, are you okay?!?  roo are you okay roo?" i sputtered into the phone

i heard calum's dad on the other side of the phone say "i'm sorry who is this?"

"Kang- i mean a-ash-ashton" i cut myself off before i said kanga because that's our nicknames for each other 

"okay Ashton now please tell me your las- wait ashton, ashton irwin??? why were you talking to jaylynn about her baby, you know that it is her choice in the end. but other than that are you the father?"

"it seems to be so unless she got to home plate with anyone else" i smirked into the phone

"got to home plate? i'm not sure i know what that- ohhhh you mean had sex. i get it now"

"yes mr.hood now can you tell me what is wrong with my roo"

"your 'roo' just pasted out from oxygen deprivation, probably from all that yelling you two were doing and from now on you need to make sure your 'roo' don't yell anymore. so that means that you can't call her yelling because she didn't tell you about her child" mr.hood told me in a matter-of-fact way

"what?! i's my fault that she was yelling and passed out ?? i hurt my roo o my how can i ever express my sorryness to her???"

"well you could rush down here before she wakes up, witch is a block away, and wait until she wakes up and tell her you were being inconsiderate and tell her that you value her opinion and think that you guys should talk it out like the grown ups that you made yourselves."

"okay sir" i said as i hung up the phone and yelled to cal "we're visiting roo lets go you slow ass"

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