The Best

Hi I'm Jaylynn, the gang are my best guy friends ever, I might have some complications with my life but thats what happens.


1. The party that everyone was talking about

Jaylynn's pov


Everyone was talking about this party that Luke was hosting and that the boys were gonna do some songs that they wrote, along with some of their covers. of coarse i was going because the boys and i are inseparable especially Luke he is my rock my older brother i never had, i tell him everything Liz is my 2nd mom along with mine. She is so coll she even told Luke that he could throw this party if the mess was cleaned up by Monday when she comes back form her business meeting in Gold Coast, Aussie. witch is only an hour and a half away so if there is any problems she can be here quickly.

***      ***    ***    ***    ***     ***    ***    ***    

Later that night


This party is actually pretty good the boys are good they just got done doing a cover of Weatus "teenage dirtbag" then they say their goodbyes and got up, somebody puts the stereo on and then it starts becoming a really good party because Luke goes with the boys out to the garage to put their instruments up and get the alcohol. when they get back we all go into the kitchen to get our drinks i grab the vodka for the boys and I and open it up and start drinking out of the bottle, it burns at first but after awhile you get used to it. I hear some one walk up to me and  say 

"are you gonna share or am i gonna have to get myself and the rest a different one?" 

"oh sorry Cal, no you can have some, don't drink it all or i'll....i'll.... i don't know but don't" i reply then giggle as the liquor starts to kick in. This is gonna be a fun night.

soon the rest of the boys were back for the kitchen, and calum gave me my drink back. 

"finally I thought that you were never going to give me it back"

" it was less than 30 seconds get over yourself" he retorted

I looked at Luke "i'm getting really hot in this flannel" i said after taking another gulp.

Luke sighed " here let me go get u one of my tees and some of my bracelets" and then he went upstairs to go fetch it. 

I feel someone grab for my drink and i turn around to see Ashton trying to get my drink

 "I don't  think so cutie" I said all bubbly 

" oh... why not? I thought that you got that for all of us?"

"well... that was before I decided i wanted it all to myself... but if you want a drink then"i took a swig and walked up to him still not swallowed the drink got really close to him so close that i could fell his shakey breath 

"you are really short"he stated "here let me help" he picked me up and then i started to kiss him, i relesed the vodka into his mouth and let him drink it before asking

" you wanna get a room?"


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