I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


19. yes i have a date with zayn

Emma prov

They seem so fun finely i found someone to hang out with

"Guys wanna play truth or dare" jess said wow that girl is so fun i hope we could be friends

"Sure id love to" i said

Then everyone sat in circle we put an empty bottle in the middle

"So niall truth or dare"harry said


"Okay i dare you to tell everyone your little secret you told me yesterday"

"Oh come on dude really"

"Yup the dare is a dare"

"Fine i have feelings for Allie Green"

"What OMG you mean the girl that works at taco bell shut up dude she is totally not your type" jess said

"Jess stop doing this" zayn said

"Doing what mystery boy" she said

"You always play with niall feelings why you do that because of you he never had a girlfriend"

"Oh come on zayn you know that i love to mess with Niall " she said laughing

" anyway lets get back to the game" i said

"Okay emma truth or dare"said harry

I want to say truth like always but i just want to have a change and i think its fun


"K then go kiss louis"

"What you want me to kiss jess boyfriend "

"Yes its okay right guys" they nodded okay thats wearied but fun i guess i went to louis and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and for some reason i liked it shut up bitch you like zayn not louis

So we finished the game everyone stayed over my house and im still thinking of louis kiss i couldn't sleep So i went to the kitchen to drink some water and surprise found louis there

"Hey what are you doing here its like 2:00 AM" he said

"Um i cant sleep whats your excuse??!?"

"Me too hey about that kiss ..."

He said then i quickly said

"Yes yeah i mean what about the kiss"

"Wow slow down i want to ask you if you felt something"

"Umm did you ??!"

I asked then he looked at me and said

"No i mean i have a girlfriend and i really like her , wait does it mean something to you " he said i lied

"Umm no of course not"

Then i went back to bed

Next morning......

Emma prov

Wow i dont have that feeling for louis i have for zayn im gonna so ask him out

" hey zayn" i said walking to his room

"Oh hey em"

"Um just wondering wanna go to the movies tonight"

"Yes of course be ready at 8 "

"Okay bey"

Yes yes yes i have a date with Zayn tonight im so excited i better check my closet no who cares im rich im gonna go shopping maybe ill take jess with me ill just ask her

So i went to the room she was in and i found her sleeping peacefully ooh i cant wake her up she look comfortable and im a bit afraid of what she gonna do if i wake her up

"Is she still sleeping ... God my sister is more lazy than Melvin that works at taco bell" harry said whil waking in the room to wake he

" who is melvin"i asked confused

He laughed then said" just a guy i know"

After that he took the water glass that was next to the bed and splash her face with the water

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